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Yes, if wisdom is a defense, and wealth is a defense, what will the combination of wisdom and wealth give? Solomon the wise King, by reason of experiential knowledge said, “For wisdom is a defense even as wealth is a defense, but the excellency of knowledge is that wisdom shields and preserves the life of him who has it” (Ecclesiastes 7:12). Therefore, both wisdom and wealth are defenses.
“Wisdom is a defense.”
When you are wise you save yourself from trouble. Wisdom is a gift from God, and so you can be shielded from trouble when by godly wisdom you don’t trust the wrong people whose purpose is to make your life miserable. And of course making the right choices which is a product of right judgement can also shield you from suffering from the consequence of wrong choices. Thus, wisdom is profitable! Wisdom is a defense, and so it is the well-spring of life!
“Wealth is a defense.”
Sometime, when you are under attack and you have money you can make better choices. So, when you are praying, be clear in your request to God. Do not think the devil can take care of his kids better than God would His children. Whatever God orders, He can pay for! I know you need some money to handle what you’ve Got. You need more resources to cope with the increasing demand for life sustenance. Gladly, God has got an arrangement for all of your money needs to be met. It is the culture of God’s children to be rich.
Double defense!
The combination of wisdom and wealth will give a double defense! A man who has both wisdom and wealth has got a double defense -double protection! “…a man by his wisdom, and so by his money, is able to defend himself against the injuries and oppression of others, and especially when both meet in one and the same man. In his commentary, Matthew Henry noted: “He that is in the shadow of wisdom is in the shadow of money, for wisdom is the cause why riches come…Wisdom is as good as an inheritance, yea better. It shelters from the storms and scorching heat of trouble. Wealth will not lengthen out the natural life; but true wisdom will give spiritual life, and strengthen men for services under their sufferings.”
Trust me, you need both wisdom and wealth as double defense in order to survive life’s challenges.Christ is the wisdom of God, and in seeking him, wealth and all life’s goodness shall be an addition (Matthew 6:33). Surely, Wisdom wins wealth. You are winning! Yes, we are winning!


  1. Orade Victory Ephikparobore

    we need this double defense to make it in this present world against all odds, so I Lord Jesus grant us the grace to often this double defense (wisdom and wealth) in Jesus name Amen

  2. Michael Fadipe

    Dear lord, enrich us with wealth and wisdom on this earth, so that we can witness effectively for you and live a life of excellence. Amen.

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