The Yes, We Are Winning Foundation (YWAW) is a Charity and Human Capital Development Non-Governmental Organization, which was established in 2016 with the primary objective of Inspiring people to attain their full potentials, and inculcate a winning culture in a challenging environment.

We seek to inculcate a winning attitude that would engender self-development and national transformation through encouragement, motivation, practical life tips, insightful discussions, empowerment initiatives, social and humanitarian services.

The world, you would agree with me is perverse, and moral decadence is on the increase especially among the youth. Sadly, morality is being traded for fame and pleasure and it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand up for what is right not alone to promote or defend it.

Most of what the world celebrates are lifestyles that promote decadence, immorality, vulgarity, obstinacy, sensuality, violence and self-glorification. And to be honest, none of these can impact godly virtue or make a person an instrument for positive change in the society.

Morality is no longer fashionable, and what our society celebrates are lifestyles that are in themselves not convenient let alone noble, or worthy of emulation. Since it is impossible for purity to come from polluted fountains, those who would make positive and lasting impact on others must themselves be rightly positioned for excellence in all facets of life.

The YWAW foundation provides a platform for those who want to influence the world positively, and be life savers! Such must be those who are always motivated to excel no matter what environment they find themselves. Such are those who are spurred by a winning attitude; who though are challenged by life’s difficulties, they do not retort to self-pity or engage in social vices, rather they are poised to be tools for positive change.

Furthermore, giving the distresses which the world is constantly subjected to, which includes hardship, calamities, wanton destruction of lives and poverties, and all manner of wickedness and hatred, there’s a need for a platform that would not only be involved in charity and human capital development, but would in a unique way reveal promote love, peaceful co-existence and morality.

The YWAW blog is a platform that would constantly renew the hopes and aspirations of people who are daily being afflicted by the feelings of hopelessness and uncertainties. We seek to provide empowerment programs and humanitarian aids to the less privileged, foster peace amongst all people, and promote a winning culture even in the most devastating circumstances.

Our social media platforms such as the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumlr, Linkedln, and of course our website will serve as a platform to educate, motivate, empower, and promote godly virtuous, morality and excellence, as well as human capacity development that would renew the hope and aspirations of many therebby fostering prosperity and national development.