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It is the difficulties and challenges you face that validates the enormity of your passion. I feel you have joined the class of those who have quit. Those, who though no one knows they have thrown in the trowel, but inside them, they have concluded that there is no reason to keep trying since failures and disappointment seems to be the highest common factor in their life’s journey.  I see you truly wanted to make a difference, but since you ran into some obstacles, some cross, you decided to adjust. If you must beat the obstacle, rise up and try again, you must know assuredely that this life can’t spare you tears, fears, traumas, and hardship.

Perhaps you lost interest in pursing the creative idea you have, which you are convinced would make a huge difference, because people rejected your proposals? Or you lost the enthusiasm to pursue your career because of the financial obstacles, and lack of support from your family or employer? The truth is, people may not believe in your dreams, it is you who would have to believe in yourself and pursue your dreams with an undying passion. If you can handle rejection from enough people who didn’t believe your dreams, eventually you may find someone who does.  And even if it means standing alone, take up the challenge and stand alone! “Sometimes you have to stand alone to proof that you can still stand!”

Be rest assured that on the way to success you will have to encounter plenty obstacles and failures. You might begin with a lot of excitement, and then experience some setbacks, but then you need to be prepared to get up, beat the obstacles and play again. And of course, prepare to face another obstacle as you seek to achieve greater success. A determined mindset, absolute trust in the omniscient God is a sure way to beat the obstacle, play again and walk your way to success! What you achieve out of life is never commensurate with how hard you work but how fast you learn. Therefore, It is what you endure that expresses how deeply you desire. Now, rise up, breathe deeply, and play again! Even at the risk of occasional failure and  adversity, You’re sure winning! Yes, we are winning!


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  1. Praise

    yes! this is apt. we’re winning in Jesus’s name.

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