There are many people who go around sneaking a disheartening feeling of despair into their daily life for reasons well known to them. The hardship in the land, stiff economy, and fear of the unknown, to mention a few, can be responsible for these frustrations. Some try to hide it but you would see it in their angry faces, unfriendly responses, and unreasonable agitations. Are they really justified?

You can spread hope while others spread fear. You can brighten up the lives of those faced with depression and uncertainties. What a blessing it would be to pass on messages that will enliven and elevate hopes, like the ones you get from reading “Yes we are winning” (YWAW) articles.

You can read our post, tell us your own stories, leave comments, and share to your friends on social media, so that we all being instruments of consolation and peace, can win together. Encouragement (not jokes) is like  drop of rain upon a parched desert. So, spread hope and not jokes!


Furthermore, to promote the “Yes we are Winning” vision, join us by registering on our FORUM, and get a copy of the YWAW T-shirts. For further enquiries, call EBEE on +234 703 347 9446. Yes, we are winning!