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YWAW in brief — Mission and Mandate

“We Care, we Educate, we Encourage, we Empower to win” —WeCEEEyou!

What is YWAW?

The Yes, We Are Winning Foundation is a Charity and Human Capital Development Non-Governmental Organization which is established to Inspire people to attain their full potentials, and inculcate a winning culture in a challenging environment.

The YWAW Foundation advocates for quality and inclusive Education as a tool for empowerment and poverty eradication. YWAW educational programs seeks to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, SDG 4, defined in Agenda 2030, adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2015.

Our Vision

To impact people with a winning mentality by promoting a culture of excellence and morality through mentorship and human capacity development.

In the words of Confucius, “Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.” The impact of education on global peace and national development cannot be over-emphasized. It is the right of everyone to be educated. As such, our educational programs seeks to help indigent and out-of-school children gain education and build a career that would empower them to prosperity.

Through mentorship and capacity building, we strive to encourage, educate, and empower many indigents young people to attain fulfillment in their various fields of endeavors.

YWAW’s Mandate

To engender a movement of people who are equipped with the right attitude, behavior and a winning culture, and poised to pursue excellence in all life endeavors. Thereby promoting wellbeing, peace, human development and social justice among all race or creed without prejudice.

Through social services, educational and capacity-building programs, and innovative leadership we shall seek to inculcate a winning attitude that would engender a positive mindset; thereby fostering self-development towards national transformation.

Through various developmental projects, we are poised to building a society of youths who are patriotic and productive, and who would promote excellence thereby fostering self-development and national transformation.

Through effective use of the media, we are positioned to promote peace, social justice, and to foster conflict resolutions among groups, communities, and people of all race without prejudice.

YWAW’s History

The world, you would agree with me is perverse, and moral decadence is on the increase especially among the youth. Sadly, ethics is being traded for fame and pleasure and it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand up for what is right not alone to promote or defend it.

Most of what the world celebrates are lifestyles that promote corruption, decadence, depravity, greed, self indulgence, violence andall manner of vices. And to be candid, none of these can position a person for excellence or make one a tool for positive change in the society.

Furthermore, giving the anguish which the world is constantly subjected to, which includes hardship, calamities, poverty, wanton destruction of lives and property, and all manner of wickedness and hatred; there’s a need for a platform that would in a unique way promote love, peaceful co-existence and excellence through charity and human capital development.

The YWAW foundation provides a platform for those who want to influence the world positively, and be life savers! Such are those who are spurred by a winning attitude; who though are challenged by life’s difficulties, they do not retort to self-pity or engage in social vices, rather they are poised to be tools for positive change.

In order to constantly renew the hopes and aspirations of people who are daily being afflicted by the feelings of hopelessness and uncertainties, the YWAW blog and social media provides a platform that would educate, empower and encourage peaceful co-existence and inculcate a winning culture amongst all race, without prejudice.

YWAW in Snapshots

Project 555 Beneficiaries
Project 555 Beneficiaries
World Youth Skills Day 2019
Project 555 Beneficiaries
World Youth Skills Day 2019
Outreach to the Orphanage Home
World Youth Skills Day 2019

Strategic documents

YWAW foundation seeks to contribute to the sustainable development goals through its advocacy and educational programs. Our scholarship and Mentorship project (Project 555) seeks to provide quality and inclusive education for all.

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Florence Nightingale who births the Foundation, Philosophy Of Modern Nursing, introduced novel concepts to the nursing practice that decreased mortality rates. Her contribution, such as establishing the need for sanitation, recognizing dietary requirements, providing round the clock patient care, instituting triage, collecting statistical evidence, encouraging education and promoting advocacy, form

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“Until our world decides that every human matters, that everyone has a right to food and safety and freedom and healthcare and equality, it is the obligation of those privileged to have food and safety and freedom and healthcare and equality to fight tirelessly for those who do not.” –

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