About The Yes, We Are Winning Foundation

We seek to inculcate a winning attitude that would engender self-development and national transformation through encouragement, motivation, practical life tips, insightful discussions, empowerment initiatives, social and humanitarian services.

Our Mission

To engender a movement of people who are equipped with the right attitude, behavior and a winning culture, and poised to pursue excellence in all life endeavors. Thereby promoting wellbeing, peace, human development and social justice among all race or creed without prejudice.

Our Vision

To impact people with a winning mindset by promoting a culture of excellence and ethical values through mentorship and human capacity development.

Our Mantra

& Core Values

At “Yes, We Are Winning Foundation,” our mission is simple yet powerful: We care, educate, encourage, and empower you to win. Through our unwavering dedication, we strive to uplift individuals, foster personal growth, and create a supportive environment that inspires success and positive transformation. With a focus on mentorship, education, and empowerment, we aim to equip you with the tools and guidance needed to embrace a winning mentality, achieve greatness, and make a lasting impact on your journey to success.

Our Story

How We Got Started

Founded in the year 2016, the “Yes, We Are Winning Foundation” began its inspiring journey as a direct response to a pressing concern that deeply troubled its founder, Mark Ibigbami. Witnessing the pervasive decadence of moral and ethical values in modern society, Mark was driven to take a stand against this disheartening trend. He firmly believed that the erosion of these essential principles had far-reaching consequences, affecting interpersonal relationships, trust, and the overall well-being of communities.

With a vision to create positive change and instill a renewed sense of moral purpose, Mark embarked on a mission to address this critical issue. Drawing from his passion for mentorship and human development, he envisioned a foundation that would serve as a catalyst for transforming lives, nurturing a winning mentality, and fostering a culture of excellence rooted in ethical values.

Our Social Programs & Initiatives

Education Sponsorship

We help raise funds to support indigent children with their education

Community Outreach

Engaging people and communities for lasting impact and positive change.

Human Capacity Development

Unlocking potential for a brighter future the capacity development.

We support over 52 individuals with varying degrees of needs. With your help and partnership, we can do more.

Our Objectives

Engendering National Transformation with a Winning Attitude

Through humanitarian services, empowerment initiatives and career development programs, we shall seek to inculcate a winning attitude that would influence a positive mindset; thereby fostering self-development towards national transformation.

Inspiring Excellence Through Leadership

Through innovative leadership, we inspire and motivate ordinary people to pursue a life of excellence, through the promotion of moral and ethical values as the hallmark of godliness and the pathway to successful living.

Maximizing Potentials for Global Impact

We are poised to helping people discover, harness and maximize their God-given potentials, for their personal development; the benefit of the society and the world at large.

Fulfillment Through Love and Mentorship

The passion to see other people live a fulfilled life is birthed through love. By demonstrating sacrificial love and mentorship, we strive to encourage, educate, and empower many indigents young people to attain fulfilment in their various fields of endeavours.

Exploiting Media for Peace and Social Justice

Through effective use of the media, we are positioned to promote peace, social justice, and to foster conflict resolutions among groups, communities, and people of all race without prejudice.

Our Partners