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The Atmospheric condition of a Bitter man:

In Biology we are told that certain atmospheric conditions are required for plants to grow. These includes but not limited to temperature, moisture supply, radiant energy, soil reactions, biotic factors to mention a few. Absence of any of these factors would have adverse effect on the plant, thereby resulting into poor or distorted growth.

For instance, a plant deficient in necessary nutrients will exhibit symptoms such as leaf yellowing or browning, sometimes in distinctive patterns. This may be accompanied by stunted growth and poor flowering or fruiting. In the same way, an animal that is deficient in vitamins and vital nutrients will show signs of ill-health and retarded growth.

The same way deficiency in a plant or animal will be evident in a poor outlook, so also will the environmental condition of a man who is living with bitterness and anger.  Bitterness is like a cancer. It subtly eats up a person, and it builds an environment of hate and sadness and misfortune around those who harbor it.

The consequence of bitternessHolding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. A bitter person is a potential murderer because he carries a venom that has the capacity to kill the host or his victim at any point in time.

The scriptures warns of the danger of being deficient of the grace of God (Hebrew. 12:15). Falling short of the grace of God is like lacking the vital nutrients needed to live a life of contentment, happiness, and peace. The environment of a man who lacks the grace of God is usually bitter, difficult and unfriendly.

Falling short of God’s grace is like running out of fuel in your car. This condition gives you a red alert and if you don’t take heed to your car, it will eventually stop working. Likewise, the consequence of falling short of God’s grace is that bitterness will spring forth and all manner of evil begin to manifest.

The environment around a bitter person is normally ugly and disgusting. There’s no beauty or sweetness in such a life, and this attitude will be manifested around the host, spreading discontentment around his environment.

Bitterness is an enemy. Decide today not to allow it destroy your life and relationships. Like the words of the hymn, “Oh what peace we often forfeit or what needless pains we bear. All because we do  not carry everything to God in prayers.” Quit been resentful, forgive and release your hurts, and your life will be beautiful again.

Finally, I’ll like to reiterate my advise in the article, THE DAY HATE KILLED A MAN!, do not let the sin of hatred ruin your eternal joy. Make a difference by replacing hatred or bitterness with love.

You are winning! Yes, we are winning!




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