It was the day after the most devastating eclipse. It was still very dark, and everyone filled with bewilderment.

And so everything went quite, dead silence everywhere! For the masterminds, it was another great achievement, a riddance to blasphemy and political threats.

The Hopeless and fearful disciples and believers hid in shame, wondering how their savior was so humiliated and killed. What becomes of his promises -the freedom, the peace, the positive changes and his kingdom reign, they bitterly queried.

Cross of ChristSo, it was still dark, gloomy and devastating Saturday because no one seemed to remember Easter Sunday, when he said he would defeat death forever. They were hopeless and confused!

Oh you too? You feel suspended like the disciples, just hang in there, there’s always Easter Sunday. The darkest part of the day is the closest to the morning.

There’s hope for your tomorrow. Hope in God can never be disappointed! This too shall come to pass. Wait, You’re winning! Yes, we are winning!