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“It was initially a smooth ride; we were gisting, jesting and enjoying the company of each other, as we began what is supposed to be an adventurous journey. That I’m alive to write my experience on how we narrowly escaped death is simply incredible!

We had lots of snacks and drinks to share while we anticipated the ecstasy of spending some quality time with our host. Traveling in the woods was such a beautiful sight, the lush gardens, the beautiful trees, the sparse vegetation and several solitary hamlets adorned with distinct farm lands along our transverse were amazing sights to capture.

As a lover of photographs, I was prepared to take shots of every scintillating images, and really I had more than enough pictures of captivating sights. I was determined to capture every moment, and I think I did, even after the accident.

We were sure prepared for the long journey until the excitement began to diminish and one after the other we all slept off, save the driver I presume. I guess he lost concentration at some point and dozed off when the silence in the bus became unbearable.

Suddenly, we woke up to the squeaking of the tires,  followed by the cry of despair by the driver as he struggles to stabilize the car. Suddenly, one of the tires pulled out and we were headed for a very deep valley. I’d thought that it was for the fear of perishing that the driver applied the break and we got tumbling.

Valley of big tressThe thought of survival was impossible here going by the sight of what lied ahead of us. Did we eventually plunged into the valley of death? Yes, we did but we were suspended by a tree, a strong and mighty tree with an inconceivable height.

Thankfully, we were cut in between the road and the closest branch. We were later literarily plucked off the branch in somewhat a miraculous manner. This was how we escape death! It sure wouldn’t have been possible without a supernatural intervention. We were condemned to die but it was averted by an unseen hand, I believe!”

The way these sojourners were saved from the certainty of death is the way the entire human race was saved from a deserving death. The human is condemned to death and eternal separation from God by virtue of the sin and disobedience of our antecedents, Adam. And the death punishment hanging on every man was a certainty until a sacrifice was made. Yes, “The wages of sin is death…” (Rom.6:23).

However, by the unmerited of God, we narrowly escape this death because Christ took all of our sins upon himself, all of them, having offered himself as the sacrificial passover lamb. He bore the sins of the world upon himself and for this he took our punishment in order to emancipate us from the debt we owe but could not pay.

He suffered the wrath we deserved. He was Every ounce. We deserved no mercy but while still in our lost estate, God offered us redemption through the sacrifice of his son, Jesus Christ. He became the propitiation for our sins, so that we being fred from sin should be reconcile back to God.

He was crucified for us, buried for us, and then on the third day he was raised for us. This is how we escaped death! By his resurrection we were positioned to befriend God, worship him in truth and live eternally with Him (I Corinthians 15:3-4).

It is finishedIt was a perfect finish! Yes, his death and resurrection was a complete work of salvation; a sacrificial act that transformed us from enemies to friends of God. Nothing more is needed; no more sacrifice is necessary to restore our broken relationship with God. That Christ died and rise again all for our sake is enough!

Jesus came alive again. He is alive for us now. We have no more guilt. No more shame. No more fear. We have peace with God. We are not under this wrath, not destined for his judgment, not awaiting his fury. We are now, and forever, the objects of his love.

We are the recipients of his unending favor. We are the gathered sons and daughters who will spend eternity in the riches of their Father’s glory. All through Jesus Christ, the one who washed our sins away, the one who will cause us to never be the same.

It is Good Friday; the darkest yet the greatest day in history. The day that death was the greatest day in history. Death was beaten and our rescue secured. This is how we escaped death; Christ died for us and this is just enough!

Like I noted in my article, WE’VE GOT THE RAM;LET US GO HOME FOR EID AL-ADHA!; It is no longer a news that the plan of salvation is clear: “For God so loved the World that He gave His only begotten Son, so that whosoever believes in him should not die but have everlasting life” (John 3:16).

It was a good Friday because of the Easter Sunday. Yes, it is a happy day, after all. Even when you go through the darkest period of your life, don’t despair, there will always be a happy day. You are winning! Yes, we are winning!



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