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If you are going through a trying time, and all your options are closing in on you, and it seems to you that there might be no way out. At that point where everything looks uncertain, rather than give in to hopelessness, and depression, you should stand up start shouting, saying: ‘I have been chosen for a miracle today!’  “God is working all things for my good!” “The Lord is my Shepherd, I have everything I want!” and so on.

When you confession of faith originates from the inner man where spiritual power is released through words, they can alter the physical and spiritual world, and release supernatural blessings into your life (Hebrew 11:1). Yes, there is a certain tightness needed to cause faith to be secreted, and the trials you now face may just be the vehicle to transport you to you next glorious level. Irrespective of what is going on in your environment, there is something good inside of you, and God knows how to get it out! So, don’t whine! Don’t despair, you are sure winning! Yes, we are winning! Stand up and shout, ‘I am winning!’




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