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Hurricane is a storm with a violent wind, in particular a tropical cyclone in the Caribbean. Hurricane has devastating effect on the environment and thus it is never a welcome phenomenon in any society. The effects of hurricanes can be grouped into two: weather and economic. Hurricanes bring about storm surges. … As the storm makes a landfall, the high sea level brings water inland, causing major flooding and destruction.

Every news of a hurricane comes with fear of terror, agitations and sometime, hopelessness because its effects is seen in lost of life’s and properties. Of special note is the hurricane the Great Galveston Hurricane of 1900. It was the deadliest hurricane to ever hit the United States and caused between 8000 and 12000 deaths. The storm reached the Texas coast south of Galveston on September 8 as a Category 4 hurricane with a storm surge of 8 to 15 feet (

Except for hurricane Trump, every hurricane in history has an overall devastating effects and as such it results into untold afflictions first to the victims, and consequently, it brings pains to those who are far off. The recent obliteration of the Lesbian and Gay rights from the site, including the removal of a report on the Labor Department’s website on LGBT workers rights is the latest hurricane that has hit America, and creating enormous exitments amongst those who are normal, rational, and God-fearing. However, to those who have perverted the truth of God, and have embraced the unnatural use of their bodies, this is devastating hurricane and unacceptable.

It is noteworthy that the 45th American president, Donald Trump, and his vice President, Pence, have throughout their campaigns demonstrated a strong and convincing anti-gay stance, hence, the decision to quash the LGBT law, which was implemented by the Obama administration. I am so glad because the rejection of gay right did not come from a pastor, but from a businessman turned president who is probably just convinced that the act is not just a perversion of God’s laws, but also a naturally disgusting, foolish, and shameful act. Certainly, God uses the foolish things of this world to shame the wise ( I Corinthians 1:27).

For many rational and sensible persons, hurricane Trumph is a welcome development, and should be upheld against any form of criticism and attacks. Whilst we expect agitations and protests from those who have embrassed the unfortunate right, we watch to see how things unfold in the near future. Nevertheless, it is comforting and reassuring that a statement have been made to indicate that God still controls the affairs of men and His truth will always prevail over the lies of satan. There is definitely something pleasant about this hurricane! It is indeed a Sirocco wind from the Lord!

God has in no time, and will never force His ways on man, yet, He will not lose control of His creation. He will preserve his people and establish His reigns forever. Satan may have captivated many of God’s creation, but his time is short! He will be judged and condemned for eternity with those who pay allegiance to him. This is satan’s destiny, and the destiny of those who reject God. But as for God, His kingdom will reign forever!

I stand for the truth, I move to the righteous side with God. I’m winning! Yes, we are winning!

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