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What is the situation that is threatening your existence; your job, health or peace of mind? What situation is causing you so much fear and panic that you’re confused and don’t know what to do? You may have even sought counsel but all your efforts to do things right doesn’t seem to work yet? You have employed legal means in order to retain your rightful possession yet justice and freedom is still a mirage.  Let me share with you a similar case to yours, and how victory was won.

Sometimes ago in history, a great multitude of the enemies of Israel were united in battle against them. The scriptures recorded it this way, Now it came about after this that the sons of Moab and the sons of Ammon, together with some of the Meunites, came to make war against Jehoshaphat.” 2 Chronicles 20:1. Their intention was to displace Israel from their inheritance and take control of their rightful possession. The steps taken by Jehoshaphat and the people to achieve victory is worthy of note. Let’s go over them together.

He acknowledged his helplessness

The news of the enemies advancing towards Israel feared Jehoshaphat, especially knowing his military capacity could not withstand the joint forces of the enemies. Military wise, Israel could not match their combined military strength except with the help of God. Therefore, he confessed his helplessness to God saying, “We have no power against such multitude. We do not know what to do? Our eyes are upon you” (Vs. 6). Jehoshaphat acknowledges the sovereign dominion of the Divine Providence, and as such he and his people sought God’s intervention over the vast enemy.

The truth is, heaven helps only those who cannot help themselves. It is only those who recognizes their inefficiencies that enjoys God’s intervention. Like apostle Peter, you may have toiled all night or employed several methods which have failed, but if you can trust God absoultely, and prayerfully follow his counsel, you will surely win!

He recalled past victories

In praying, Jehoshaphat recalled the testimonies of God’s deliverance from enemies and the spectacular miracles wrought by the power of God. His confidence was strengthened by the testimonies of the past. I believe that testimonies are faith boosters. Whenever your confidence and hope declines, recall the past testimonies of victories, and this will strengthen your faith to overcome the prevailing predicaments. This is another proven secret to overcoming life battles.

He led the people to praise God

Finally they were instructed by God to proceed with the battle; with assurance that He will fight for them. Jehoshaphat and the people eulogized God and praised him for his might deeds. They magnified God above the threats of the enemy. Their method was to praise the beauty of God and watch God fight their enemies.

They extol the attributes of God and testified saying,
1. You are the God of our father’s
2. You are the God of heaven
3. You rule over the Kingdom of the nation’s
4. You have all power and might
5. No one is able to withstand you
6. You are our God
7. You drove the Canaanites out before Israel
8. You have their land to the descendants of your eternal friend
9. They have dwealt there
10. They have built you a sanctuary for your name.

He remembered the promises of God

Furthermore, he recalled the covenant made in the temple during its dedication by Solomon. Vs 6- 9. He recalled, “…They have told us when we when in trouble, and stand before this house, in your presence, crying to you in affliction, you will hear and help. One secret to overcoming life battles is to hold on to the promises of God. His promises are never failing. “Yes”, and “Amen” in Christ Jesus. 2 Corinthians 1:20. There is nothing challenging you that God has not made provision for. He has a word for every situation. You only need to take hold of His promises, and your victory is sure!

Who or where do you run to when you are faced with a challenge? Where do you draw strength from whenever you are tossed to and fro by the storms of life? Yes, “Some people trust in themselves- their ideologies, education or even their wealth. Some trust in chariots and horses…  Psalm 20:7. Help doesn’t come from the hills, not even from the ends of the earth. Help comes from God; true and lasting help from the maker of heavens and earth. Psalm 121:2. The help sought from mediums, witchcraft, illuminati or any other satanic group doesn’t last, and it’s ultimate requirement is the destruction of the soul. Don’t seek help from them; seek God and live!

It is sad that many times we quickly forget the mercies of the past and complain whenever we are in trouble. I like the words of Ralph Emerson; he said, “All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen.” Yes, God expects us to remember his past dealings with us and draw strength from it and believe that he’s able to secure our future.

God discomfited the enemy whilst the Israelites praised him. Perhaps the victory you need to overcome this threats is in praising God and testifying to His goodness. Come on, stop complaining! Rise up, face your fear with praises. Your victory is assured when you pray. You’re winning! Yes, we are winning!




  1. Michael Fadipe

    Yes!! Let’s rise up and praise the Almighty God

  2. Mariam

    My heart is full of praises for what God has done for me and what He’s going to do for me . He has promised to fight my battle.
    Yes am winning

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