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There is a fast spreading epidemic which has ravaged many lives in the past and its fast destroying many who are vunerable to its cause.

Although, its cure is well known and still very potent, yet the number of victims have never ceased to be on the increase. An insight into the creator’s manual reveals that though this epidemic will be on the increase as the earth nears its end, yet it will never surpass the rate at which the antidote will be provided.

This assurance moved me to draw a graph of LOVE against INIQUITY and the amazing result is that the relationship between the two is that of indirect proportionality, a truth that tested and proved. This means that the more iniquity increases the more the love of God decreases.

The statement of prophesy credited to Christ is quoted as, “Sin will be rampant everywhere and the love of many will grow cold.” Matthew 24:12. This implies that, with false teachings and loss of morals comes a particular disease, the lost of true love and honor for God, and others.

Sin and ungodliness abounds in our society, and this is seriously competing with the love and fear of God in our lives. This makes right living and morality alien to many, and iniquity has become a prevailing culture of our society.

Gladly, there is an antidote for sin, and this has been made available at God’s discretion and through the sacrificial death of Christ. The cure for sin is GRACE – God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense. The antidote for sin, Grace, is commensurate with sin. Apostle Paul affirms, “Where sin abounds Grace much more.”

Grace can help us to keep up against sin and stand tall in victory over it. We can see ourselves be irresponsible to the old power and alive to the new. We can commit ourselves to living right, and keep our love for God growing even in the midst of ungodliness.

Get grace to live right! You’re winning! Yes we are winning!


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  1. Michael Fadipe

    Grace grace, God’s Grace, Grace that will pardon and cleans within,
    Grace grace, God’s Grace, Grace that is greater than all our sins.

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