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Let’s attempt this bibliomatics of age and find out how tou can spend, say, $90 billion.

In his wisdom and experiential knowledge about life, King Solomon proved that “Vanity upon vanities…all is vanities.” -Ecclesiastis 1:2.

Mathematically, this can be written as:

Vanity/Vanity = Vanity

I.e. (Vanity upon a vanity is vanity)

When a Zero is divided by zero, the answer is zero. This expression underscores the futility of life’s achievement, worldy pleasures, wealth and riches, as well as every man’s accomplishments.

Yes, all human accomplishments are ephemeral and as such it would one day disappear, or becomes useless to the man who acquired them. Therefore, we must keep this in mind in order to live wisely. Think about the great and famous men who have transited this terrestrial ball. What became of their fame?

If we don’t take it to heart that it is only the things that we do for love, and out of godly reference that would have heavenly value and reward, we may become proud or self-sufficient when  we succeed, or sorely disappointed when we fail.

Earthly pursuits and possessions are ultimately meaningless. Only the pursuit of God brings real satisfaction and lasting peace. Therefore, we should acknowledge God in all we think and do. And since we can not see God physically, the selfless service we offer to humanity, in God’s stead is what will outlast our earthly existence.

To appreciate the vanity of life is to consider that our sojourn on earth is very very brief especially when considered in relation to God’s calender. Apostle Peter reminded the new believers saying, “But you must not forget, dear friends, that a day is like a thousand years to the Lord, and a thousand years is like a day.” -2 Peter 3:8.

Mathematically, 1000 years = 1 day

Thus, if Methuselah, the oldest man that ever lived, lived for 965 years, how much of a day did he lived?

Again, 1000 years = 1 day

Then, 965 years is

965/1000 =0.96 day (approx. 1 day)

Thus, the oldest man lived for less than 1 day, how much of a day have you lived?

Let’s assume that you are 20 years old, then you have only lived: 20/1000, which is 0.02 day.


Therefore, if the oldest man, who lived for almost a thousand years, hardly lived for a day, how much of a day have you lived? See how brief! Yet you brag, and mock your creator as if you have the power to sustain your existence.Even a looted $90 billion can never be spent beyond a day. What then is life? Life is a mist, a shadow, full of vanities.

Eternity can never be compared to this life. We are only sojourners here on earth, and our final abode is eternity, either with our creator, God, or with the hell-lord, Satan. The choice of your destination is simply yours! Therefore, what manner of person you ought to be?

Besides, God is not slow in fulfilling His promises. He doesn’t slack like men do. It might look to you a thousand years, but with the eyes of faith, it is just a day! Hold on, God will keep His promises to you. Keep trusting! You are winning! Yes, we are winning!




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  1. Michael Fadipe

    Hmmmmmm, the only thing we should be running after is how to store up treasures in heaven through our good works after been saved.


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