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Blame it on a failed security apparatus, the incidence that led to the loss of the mace is not only embarrassing but also unfortunate and treasonable. By this act, Nigeria,  again lost her democracy but found it within 24 hours because the caretakers are careless and many of them believe their personal interests supersedes the interest of the people.

The mace, the symbol of authority and democracy, forcefully hijacked and stolen by a 5-man thug at the upper chambers of the legislative arm during a session of the Senate on Wednesday 18th, 2018 has been found under an Abuja flyover and returned to the national assembly after 24 hours.

Stolen mace at the SenateAs at the time of filing this report, the perpetrators of this dastardly act have not been apprehended after they beat the porous security apparatus of the National Assembly,  which is supposed to be one of the secured places in the country.

Let me mention that the hijacking of the mace is a re-occurrent phenomenon. A feat that seem to be the most appropriate weapon in the hands of aggrieved politicians to threaten our growing democracy anytime they deem fit.

As with other national issues,  our political caretakers often sacrifice national development on the altar of party politics. Those who perpetuate this ridiculous acts often believes that,  by taking laws into their hands,  they would send warnings to the state that they are above the law,  and that they can manipulate the law for their self aggrandizement.

Sadly,  disrespect for the rule of law by our politicians, especially in Africa appears to be a smart way to remain in control,  but the devastating effect on our nation’s democracy continues to be seen in political unrest, injustice and insecurity.

For whatever reasons,  these thugs seized the mace, it is certainly not the right way to show their displeasure over the leadership of the legislature.

Things seem to have fallen apart in the nation,  most especially the security of the citizens.  The incessant and uncurbed killings all over the country by herdsmen, kidnapping and other security threats continues to create agitations,  fears and panic as we approach the 2019 general elections.

It is much better to hope for a better Nigeria than to despair.  I’m always certain that in spite of man’s counsels and manipulations,  God ultimate purpose for our nation shall stand.

Like I noted in a previous article, AND SO WE ARRIVED AT THE FAIR HAVEN,  You will stand strong when your hope is in the unshakable; when your anchor grips the solid rock and not an unstable phenomenon. Whatever betides,  I know you are winning.  Yes,  we are winning!



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