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My Lover bought me a Love-suit:

“He excused me from a busy schedule and drove me in his car to a lonely hill where he showed me what he called the evidence of his love. Truly, he had often told me how much he loved me, but I never believed until I saw the huge investment he made just for me.

I’ve always been the busy type; and so much a career person. And to make it worst, I’ve also got a very busy and indefatigable boss who practically work round the clock. So, the least on my mind any day is definitely not the issue of love or any serious relationship.

My day wasn’t any different on this date. I was in a business engagement and I didn’t think I could excuse myself to attend to him, even though I was already bored by the monotonous activities in the office. Unlike me, on this very day, I was already having a soft spot for him, especially considering that I had severally broke his heart and have often turned down many of his dates.

Fortunately for him, and of course for me, I had my mind made up for a getaway from the many hours of labor and heavy laden occasioned by long hours of business deliberations. Mind you, with my boss, you have no mind of your own. He more or less possesses his employees such that they don’t have any choice than to do his bidding. If you say he is a tyrant, you might not be far away from the truth.”

A lover and his loveI know you would wonder why I remained in this kind of a job that never give me the pleasure of relationship or even rest? Perhaps, because I love my career and I want to gain the world if that was ever possible!  Besides, the promises by my boss is so endearing that even you wouldn’t want to play with such a life-long privileges.

While struggling to look for a way of escape, all my options closing in. Just then my phone beeped, it was Hansel. He sent me a sms to meet him at our reception for lunch. I struggled with this request, but I finally joined my lover, who gave me a treat and bought me a lovely and expensive suit. Mind you, It wasn’t on St. Valentine’s day but it was a day I cannot forget in a rush.

I haven’t had such fun in a long while. Gladly, this encounter totally changed my perception about life, work and love. It was for me an adventure to self-discovery. The feeling of true love was restored to me, and my thoughts about life was renewed, and I saw clearly the need to embrace a deeper relationship with my new lover.

Before now, I had thought that opening up to love would further hurt me, especially considering my past experiences. But, trust me, now I know the true meaning of love. I have found a lover that can help me bear my burdens, and not add to my worries. His love lifted me from the miry clay of worldly pursuits to a life free of struggles and canal lusts.

Few weeks after I opened up my life to Hansel, I saw the need to resign my appointment until I’m able to find a better job. I actually waited for 2 months, and during this time I applied to several places. But unknowingly to me, my lover had opened for me a new business, my dream business. Then I became the CEO of a fashion house, where I had employed twenty workers by the end of the first year.

flourishing ladyThis was how my status changed: I became the owner of a flourishing business, an employer of labour, and more importantly I found the true meaning of love, and now I am a proud mother of a beautiful damsel. I am Mrs. Agnes Bricks

Dear friend, the story of Agnes is a story of someone who chose the way of life, peace and rest in Jesus Christ. A relationship with Him will deliver you from the burden of sin and condemnation. He promised to give rest to all who truly seek him, and His love is eternal and not seasonal. You too can have a new life if you would decide to embrace him today.

When you do this, This is what God will do for you: He will cloth you with a new garment, a love-suit, and make your life a brand new life. “So, chosen by God for this new life of love, dress in the wardrobe God picked out for you: compassion, kindness, humility, quiet strength, discipline.” Colossians 3:12. Christ’s love is evident in his death on the cross. His sacrifice is borne out of his undying love.

Finally, always ensure that regardless of else you put on, wear love. It’s your basic, all-purpose garment. Never be without Be always on Love-suit. You’re winning! Yes, we are winning!

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