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Yes, I am not afraid, but I’m very much concerned about sundry issues happening around me. I’m Concerned about us; our nation, and our generation, our world. The issue of how it will all end, bothers me.

I’m concerned because it looks like we don’t have enough time to recover from one event before the next event strikes. I’m concerned that people’s souls are been stretched by reason of hardship.

I am really perturbed with the way we treat each other and we don’t care for each other as we want to. I’m alarmed by the height of man’s in-humanity to man; and the dog-eat-dog attitude that has taken over our society.

That we live in a world where people are terrorizing and killing each other, and yet celebrates such heinous crime as an achievement makes me sad.

Is there a new devil or it is still the old satan that is perpetuating these evils which is on such an imaginable scale? The fact that evil has become so fashionable, and  unabated gets me agitated.

Yes, you can be concerned over a matter and yet you are not afraid.  I’m not afraid, am only concerned! And my concerns wakes up my faith, and tells me these things must happen as the end is near.

We are constantly reminded by the spate of ungodliness, wickedness, perversion,  and wars, that the earth won’t last; and that man is only a passerby. The hope of a new heaven therefore, gives me consolation.

Yes, I know I’m not afraid because I believe that God is Sovereign (Luke 1:37). I am certain that no matter how difficult it is, good will prevail over evil, and that love will win over hate!

I believe that with faith in God, I will surmount life’s difficulties, and be distinguished for excellence in spite of the hardship.

Though there are so many  things that I’m concerned about but I am not worried because I know am winning. Yes, I’m Winning!



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