The ancient city of RETARD is set to receive millions new migrants who have indicated keen interest in relocating to the fast-growing sophisticated metropolis.

The Happy Valley government in a bid to fulfill her promises on providing 50 million houses to migrants by 2025, have since commenced the construction of low cost houses in the sophisticated city of retard.

It would be recalled that the ancient city which is well known for its uncouth lifestyles has in recent times witnessed a large migration of persons who have by their conducts shown a resemblance with the citizens of RETARD.

As a result, the progressive Happy Valley Government has made adequate provisions for all those who are either considering migration or who have by their misdemeanor merited a relocation. These includes those who have chosen indecent lifestyles; and those who are unscrupulous, the dishonorable, dishonest, unconscionable, disreputable, as well as the fraudulent, corrupt, the fearful, the ungodly, and all manner of perverted lifestyles.


Aside fostering a splendid society, the government seeks to, as a matter of urgency, reduce the population in many of our growing cities. As part of its developmental programs, the Happy Valley government has made provisions for the first batch of 50 million migrants to be relocated to ancient city of Retard in the shortest possible time.

During the official media launch of this great initiative, one News paper correspondent asked what the requirement would be for migrants, and what would be the cost of the apartments. The media spokesperson for the agency in his responses, alluded that the houses which are prototypes of the ancient mud-thatched huts, and are free of charge.

He further said those who would qualify to live in these houses are who have proven to posses a sense of immorality and vile, the violent, and are abominable as well as those who practice evil. This he said would help de-populate our city and restore decency for those who want to live sensibly and peacefully.

For those who desire a safer, peaceful and moral society, you would have wished this happens here, so that wickedness would diminish and the world would be a better place. But this is a moral utopia.! This will not happen in this world but it is a shadow of what is to come.

Very soon, the creator of life will make an eternal separation between good and evil. And this action will determine the final destination of every human being. Where do you stand?

Like I said in a previous article, titled, WHEN NONSENSE MAKES SENSE, in every corrupt and ungodly society, God always reserves a remnant of people who in spite of the threat to life, would follow after and pursue righteousness and the fear of God. Where will you fit in at the end of the age? The choice is yours!

You’re winning! Yes, we are winning!


*Broken News is a publication of Happy Valley Agency which seeks to examine political and moral utopias that would foster positive change.