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Finally, we have arrived at the Fair haven, a place of safety; a shelter, a temporary abode to wait for a favorable wind. We have arrived to a new year we have so much anticipated. The new year usually offers ecstatic and reassuring experiences for lots of people.

Many of us have looked forward to a new year which we believe should normally afford us a break from our painful or unfavorable pasts. We have eagerly hoped for another year where we can start again, adopt new strategies, and re-fire our passion to succeed.

Crossing over to a new year is usually with great expectations in which we hope that our condition would look better, and we would take up new opportunities, and start again in the areas where we had not faired well. And gladly, we have come from there to here; we have reach the fair haven.

welcpme 2018In many of our organizations, both religious and secular, we promote themes of hopes and uncommon prosperity. Many people take advantage of the last hours of the outgoing year to make new resolutions, as well as ensure that they pray into the new year and receive prophetic declarations from God’s oracles. 

Individuals and families sets new targets, and goals for the new year. Businesses raise the bar on achievements and successes of the company. Retreats are organized to strategize on how to achieve greater feats and profitability in the new year.

It is good to note that in spite of our fair haven and optimistic dispositions, that challenges and difficulties are sure to abound as good opportunities would. In fact, more often than none, those hard times would usually birth for us greater glory as long as we are courageous enough not to give in to defeat.

Therefore, we should not dismiss the fact that as the earth approaches its nadir, terrible hard times shall come, and sufferings would increase world over. Political unrest, terrorism, famine and poverty, wars and rumors of wars, wanton destruction of lives and properties by stone-hearted men, religious intolerance, and all manner of evil will be on the increase as we approach the end of all things. 

The experience of Apostle Paul and his team gives more insight into what a fair haven is: He reported, “After sailing slowly for many days, we arrived off Cnidus. When the wind impeded us, we sailed to the lee of Crete, opposite Salmone.  After we had moved along the coast with difficulty, we came to a place calledFair Havens, near the town of Lasea.” Acts 28:7-8. 

The past years may have been very difficult for you, and you have longed for a fair haven, a place where you can have a relieve from the pains of struggles. You have anticipated a political paradigm shift, a new Government, or a new policy that would make life better . Your are welcome to 2018, a fair haven of some sort.

Difficult road beautiful destinationWhile we continue to face the realities of our times, we should also be certain that goodness and Mercy, fulfillments and prosperity, growth and accomplishments, resounding successes and excellence will continue to abound. Many will fall and many will rise, as strength of character will be tested by prevailing difficulties.

However, many who have anchored their hopes on the unchanging God would remain unperturbed even in the midst of world calamities. Those who would inculcate a winning attitude would stay afloat in the ocean of life.

Like sailors, we must make the best of the wind as we voyage through the ocean of this world. When the winds are contrary, we must be getting forward as well as we can. In the words of Matthew Henry, “Many who are not driven backward by cross providences, do not get forward by favorable providences.” Absolutely true! 

Year 2018 may be a fair haven for you; a get away from the stress, disappointments and difficulties of 2017. But be rest assured that every fair haven is not a safe haven. The only safe haven is found in the creator of your life, yes, the bishop of your soul.

A little child was asked to recite The popular Psalm 23, and she began by saying,  “The Lord is my Shepherd I have all I need.” Yes, when you make him your shepherd, you will have no need to fear the terror that is imminent on the world. 

Welcome to year 2018, a fair haven, where things will be well sorted for your wellbeing and prosperity only if your soul is anchored on the unfailing and indefatigable God. Like i said in one of my piece, TESTED & PROVED! SEE THE ANCHOR THAT CAN SURVIVE THE MOST TEMPESTUOUS STORMS!, You will stand strong when your hope is in the unshakable; when your anchor grips the solid rock and not an unstable phenomenon. 

You are winning; yes, we are winning!




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