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“Stop! Stop! Where’s the piccolo? What’s happened to the piccolo?”, exclaimed Michael, when the piccolo player felt insignificant amidst the orchestral. Sir Michael Costa was a great orchestral Conductor of the 19th Century. It is said that one day he was conducting a rehearsal in which the orchestra was joined by a great choir. Midway through the session the piccolo player stopped playing. It seemed innocent enough – after all who would miss the tiny piccolo amidst the great mass of instruments blazing away? All of a sudden Sir Michael stopped the entire orchestra and choir.

Like the piccolo player , we may sometimes feel like we don’t have much to offer, that if we lay low or give up on our efforts towards success no one would notice anyway. Yet the Great Conductor notices, and needs us to complete his orchestral masterpiece! Our creator made us in His own image, and expects us to make profits with the talents he endowed us with. We are the best of his creation, and there’s no insignificant person of his creation.

Do you feel insignificant? Perhaps, the peculiar challenges you face has made you look worthless in your own sight. It is not impossible that your unfortunate family history is preventing you from moving on. Your past mistakes or failures has made you into a coward, and it is now difficult for you to take a risk towards filling your God-given destiny.

To be significant is to be sufficiently great or important, worthy of attention or noteworthy. In mathematics, significant digits are sort of interesting or important digits. They are the digits which give us useful information about the accuracy of a measurement. For instance, 1000 has one significant digit: only the 1 is interesting (only it tells us anything specific); we don’t know anything for sure about the hundreds, tens, or units places; the zeroes may just be placeholders; they may have rounded something off to get this value. Therefore, “1” is the only significant figure because it gives us useful information, while the zeros are placeholders.

The society may have re-defined who you are and thus you have imbibed the lies that you cannot amount to anything by virtue of your background, your physical appearance, or even your location. It is a lie! Your mistakes is not you; it is not who you are! You don’t need to feel insignificant when the creator of the universe is very much interested in you! He made all things for his pleasure (Rev. 4:11). Despite the vastness of this world, God cares specifically about each of us. His mind is full of us, and he considers our low estate (Psalm 136:23).

Christ spoke about the ‘’Hair of the head’to expound on the value he placed on man, who is the chief of his creationIn Luke chapter twelve verse seven, Jesus implied that providence takes cognizance of the meanest interest of our lives. The hair is a tiny substance but a vital and functional component of the body.

As humans, though we often care and nurture our hair because it beautifies our head, yet we hardly keep details of the number. But God does! God knows and keeps record of our hair. He knows how they grow and how and when they fall. To you it isn’t important, but to God it is very significant, how much more you!

Oh! What inner poise and confidence we would have if we are conscious of this vital truth. We would save ourselves lots of distress and heart failures if we heed Paul’s admonition to us. He said, “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything, tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. If you do this, you will experience God’s peace, which is far more wonderful than the human mind can understand. His peace will guide your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus” (Phil 4.6-7)

As much as God is interested in the number of our hairs, in spite of its insignificance to us, he is far more interested in our lives. He gives his full and untiring attention to every detail of our lives (Psalm 37:23). God Loves us and he knows our feeble frame. In spite of how your situation, or environment makes you feel. Be rest assured that you are not a placeholder; you are significant and outstanding! Therefore, you should declare like the psalmist and say, “…I am fearfully and wonderfully made! -Psalm 139:14-16.

Your worth is far more than rubies; there is no one person like you. God cares so much about you, and he values you greatly. The world is void without you. You are a masterpiece, and God needs you to stand in your place. Therefore, stand upright, raise your head, and walk confidently to the place of your destiny. You are winning! Yes, we are winning!





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