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The Zuma Rock is sad!

The zuma rock located in madalla town of Niger state is an amazing sight to behold. The rock which stands ostensibly along the Kaduna-abuja highway at a height of about 730 meters above the ground is a monolithic crystalline igneous rock with a very steepy slop that makes it inaccessible to unequipped mountain climbers.
Situated at the border town between Niger state and FCT and its location is being an object of contention as it is being used as the major symbol of the Abuja landscape owing to its proximity to Abuja. Although, located at the North of Abuja and surrounded by many other rocks at a considerable distance, the magnificence of this rocks makes it visible from any part of FCT.
As we drove past the gigantic rock I couldn’t help but gazed upon it with keen interest. As a member of the rock and hammer family, such natural phenomena always feeds my curiosity. My attention was especially drawn to the human face that looks somewhat like a man with a sad countenance.
I believe this shape was a result of weathering over a long period of years. However, having being concerned about the failure of our government to properly harness our abundant and economically viable natural resources, I seriously think Zuma rock is sad!
The battered and sad countenance of that portion of Zuma rock to me is a reflection of my mood and I believe also those of many innovative, patriotic and enterprising Nigerians who continue to lament the utter neglect of our potentially viable natural endowments, vis-a-vis the eco-tourism potentials.
The rock which derived its name from Zuma or  “Zumwa”, which means “the place of catching Guinea-Fowls”, is believed to habor many strong evil spirits which are being worshipped and adorned by the people of Gwari, who had also relied on its defensive prowess in times of war.
Could it be that the speculations about the activities of evil spirits is the reason why there has been no visible and lasting development around this rock? Conspicuously so. The only visible developments around the rock are abandoned structures: a hotel and housing estate to be precise. Could this phenomenon be the reason why the government and private investors have not made zuma rock a tourist attraction center. Search me!

In spite of the historic diabolical stories told about this rock, I believe, more tourist attraction activities need to be promoted in order to attract more visitors, and investors, both local and foreign,  and thus serve as a source of Internal generation revenue (IGR) for the state. I do believe that  whatever the government decides to do, it certainly can be done as long as there’s the will to do it.

We are blessed with huge natural resources, many of which are not explored. The relevant authorities should promote, as well as create the enabling environment for private investors to develop the ecotourism potential of our beautiful country in order to reduce dependency on Crude oil.
We are a blessed nation. Let’s put Madalla and other tourist potential areas on the world map, and make our nation an endearing tourist destination.
You are winning! Yes, we are winning!


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