Victims of the HolocaustWhen he was asked what evidences were left of the unfortunate incident of The Holocaust, Rotem Cohen, a Jew and a proud father of 3 said,”It is senseless  for anyone to deny the occurrence of the Holocaust as some feigned it never happened. My first prove, he  said, is that out of over 1000 members of my family only 5 persons are left.”

The YWAW joins the world to mark The International day in memory of the victims of The Holocaust. The Holocaust was the systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of six million Jews by the Nazi regime and its collaborators, who believed that Germans were “racially superior” and claimed that Jews were “inferior” and a threat to the so-called German racial community. YWAW advocates for peace & peaceful co-existence.

He further affirmed there are several pictures taken to prove that the Holocaust truly happened. The history of the holocaust, he said is verifiable and relics as well as pictures taken by can be found in the Jewish and American museums. See link:

In his interview, Rotem Cohen spoke exclusively about the impact of the holocaust on the Jewish people, the establishment of the State of Israel, the relationship between Jews and their surrounding neighbors and enemies, as well as issues on world security and peace.

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By 1945, the Germans and their collaborators killed nearly two out of every three European Jews as part of the “Final Solution.” The “Final Solution” was the Nazi policy to murder the Jews of Europe.

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The Yes, We Are Winning Foundation commensurates with the victims of the Holocaust while advocating for peaceful co-existence amongst all tribes, race, and culture.

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