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Philip, a promising young IT expert, and an  astute business man, was a guest at a luncheon organized by a NGO, who is committed to humanitarian service and support for indigent citizens. It was supposed to be a prestigious dinner party with some of the Society’s elites and VIPs in attendance, and of course with this in mind, Philip was so careful to respond appropriately.

On that Saturday morning, Philip had informed his teammates that he was going to be absent at the football training so he can look his best at the occasion. Two hours before the event, he shaved, manicured, cleaned and perfumed, and dressed up in an elegant, yet tasteful manner. He desperately wanted to make a positive impression on the Host, as well as other guests.

On arrival at the venue of the dinner, he was announced, and then ushered into the banqueting room of his dream. As he walked to the front seat, his eyes began to warily make rounds across the tables, a bitter taste of bile began to rise and lodged in his throat. He was amazed to see that each guest has some sort of gross deformity beneath their gracious smiles. Neither rubies nor diamonds, neither tuxedos nor tails could camouflage the scars and gaping wounds represented around the table. He was shocked that he spent all day trying to prepare himself only to meet people who have more flaws than he could ever imagine.

The spotless splendor for the human eye to gaze upon is the Host himself, all others are merely patients: just mutilated, torn, dilapidated, disfigured caricatures of social grace and ambiance. Dear friend, do not give up on the possibility of a change into a better person. The perpetuity of your indulgence in a weakness is not enough reason to conclude that you are beyond repair. Don’t  accept your failures as destiny. The power for a lasting positive change resides not in a person, rules, regulations or self resolutions. It is in Christ, the Author and Finisher of our faith (Hebrew 12:1-2). He has defeated satan, the god of this world, and has subdued the power of sin on the cross. Thus, the victory that overcome the world, is out faith in the omnipotent God.

There is a huge potentials in you for greatness! Yes, everyone has a weakness, but don’t let the weakness in you affect your greatness! There are so many also afflicted as you are, or even ore than you are. Therefore, you should be grateful for who you are, and where you are. And you must never lose sight of a bright and promising future. Provided, you are in right standing with God, the troubles you go through today can certainly not be compare with the surpassing glory that will be revealed (II Corinthians 4;17). You must never give up on yourself, even though your life has many records of failure! I challenge you to cease only form your self effort, and put your faith in God. For with Him, you are sure to win over life’s battles.

While waiting for the change, start appreciating yourself. Remind yourself, “I am valuable to God!” I am winning! Yes, we are winning!





  1. Damilola ibigbami

    I’m valuable!

  2. Damilola ibigbami

    I’m valuable! Im winning!

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