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The number of those who have resolved to become ten times better than others, even in the midst of the challenging environment, is amazingly on the increase. They have shown that even in the midst of difficulties it is very rewarding to inculcate a winning culture.



It takes courage, faith, and perseverance to stand out for what is winsome. Excellence is a decision. It’s price is not money! There is no traffic jam on the road to excellence. Therefore, you can decide today to adopt a winning lifestyle, and spread the aroma of an adorable godly lifestyle. You can be ten times better!

YWAW warmly welcomes new members. We currently have more than 30 international and national individuals. Together we are a powerful tool for positive influence and for promoting a winning culture in every facets of life.

The group is open to individuals or groups who are committed to living and promoting a lifestyle of excellence through a flourishing partnership with God. We are the Daniel generation that believes that through a godly lifestyle we can be ten times better than our contemporaries.

                                                                   YWAW AT THE OLD PEOPLE’S HOME

Benefits of becoming a member of YWAW:

As a member of the YWAW initiative you can benefit by:

  • being part of a team that is committed to achieving, living and promoting excellence in all of life’s ramifications.
  • benefit from motivational messages, insightful ideas, and empowerment programs that would help model a character that is fashioned after God, and a winning lifestyle.
  • being part of our humanitarian projects within and outside the country, as well as having the privilege to contribute morally, spiritually and financially to the needs of the society and the world at large.
  • building and leveraging your career by participating in career development programmes, social and community services, national and world events, and advocacy activities that will promote positive change.
  • Benefiting from spiritual edification, capacity building activities, networking and sharing expertise with others on professional and personal levels.
  • being part of a team that promotes godly purpose through a lifestyle of intercession, reconciliation, humanitarian service, social justice, and demonstration of love among people of all race and religion without prejudice, thereby building a better society.

Become an Author
YWAW welcomes writers and authors to contribute to the regular publications of informative, insightful articles on the website and the social media. We welcome stories, spiritual edifying articles, true-life experiences, testimonies, current affairs that would empower, inspire and motivate the viewers, as well as promote godliness and a winning culture.How do I become a member, part we or author?

To be part of this great movement, kindly apply for membership by filling the form on this link:

You can be ten times better! Yes, we are winning!




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