I read a devotional by T.D Jakes with the topic: “The past is not the present.” What quickly came to mind was the law of Uniformitarianism which I was taught in introduction to Geology in my first year as under-graduate. Although, the law relates to earth processes which continues to alter the earth structures, yet I shall use it literally to relate with how the present can give us clue to how we faired in the past, and how though we may suffer from the mistakes of our past actions. Yet, the past is still not the present. I hope to draw important lessons on how though the past may have influenced our present condition. Yet, a better and more fulfilling present is very possible.

In the mid-seventeenth century, biblical scholar and Archbishop James Ussher determined that the earth had been created in the year 4004 BCE. Just over a century later James Hutton, known as the father of geology, suggested that the earth was much older and that processes occurring in the present were the same processes that had operated in the past, and would be the processes that operate in the future. This concept became known as uniformitarianism and can be summarized by the phrase “the present is the key to the past.” It was a direct rejection of the prevalent theory of the time, catastrophism, which held that only violent disasters could modify the surface of the earth. Today, we hold uniformitarianism to be true and know that great disasters such as earthquakes, asteroids, volcanoes, and floods are part of the regular cycle of the earth.

Your behavior directly translates to your results. Your current feelings, your personality traits and your current behaviour were shaped by the past events you have been through. You would probably agree with me that all your childhood experiences have dramatically impacted your attitude, and  possibly defined your significance. Thus, your current belief system has a direct connection with your past; and the behavior which you consciously or unconsciously modeled from your environment. You’re attitude to life; your principles about life and your relationship with others may be consequent upon your past.

In view of certain attitude which are inimical to fulfilling your life’s purpose, there would be need to quickly break away from such. The earlier you imbibe the right attitude and put in perspective the right view to life, the better and brighter your future will be. And consequently,  you can be sure to live with little or no regrets.

Jesus’ disciples were terrified by the boisterous wind that threatened to capsized their boat. Amazingly, Jesus was also in the boat, deeply asleep. Peter, courageously queried Jesus, “Do you not care that we perish!?” Like Peter, you may be so overwhelmed by your fears that you feel it is useless to seek help from God. For so many years you have kept your pains active, and have lived with the consequences of unresolved issues. You should like Peter cry out to Jesus to help you calm the storm. “And He arose, and rebuke the wind, and said to the sea, Peace be still. And the wind ceased and there was a great calm.” Mark 4:39.

I’ll use the very words of T.D Jakes in addressing the issue of breaking away from our past. He said, “If we want to see God’s power come from the pain of an experience, we must allow the process of healing to take us far beyond bitterness into a resolution that releases us from the prison and sets us free. God’s healing process makes us free to taste life again, free to trust again, and free to live without the restrictive force of threatening fears.”

Furthermore, in talking about he issue of healing from past hurts, he said, “Someone my say, “I don’t want to trust again.”
That is only because you are not healed. To never trust again is to live on the pinnacle of a tower. You are safe from life’s threatening grasp, but you are so detached from life that you soon lose consciousness of people, places, dates and events. You become locked into time warp. And for those who finds it difficult to release past hurts and move on with a new perspective, he said, “You always talk about the past because you stopped living years ago. You discuss the past as if it were the present because the past has stolen the present right out of your hand!” Wake up! The past is not in the present!

In this new month of April, I pray God gives you a new orientation and motivation to enter into newness of life. “It is time to celebrate- regardless of whether you’ve lost a marriage, a partnership, or a personal friend. Celebration is in order…because you’re not dead! Are you ready to live, or will you continue your incessant raging and blubbering about that which no on can change-the past?” Here’s the word for this time: “Reassure the righteous that their good living will pay off…” (Isa3:10). Yes, it will sure do!

Have you lost opportunities because you stood up for what is right? Or you are wondering why your sincere efforts have not yielded your desired results. You may have been disappointed that the first quarter of this year has yielded for you unpleasant results. Dear friend, there’s no benefit being tied to your painful past! Forgive those who have maltreated you, let go off the hook those who have used or misused you. Your past is not in your present. There’s hope for your tomorrow. May I assure you that Going forward, All will be well! Yea, all will be well for those who rely on God absolutely. April’s full of pleasant surprises and restoration for you. You’re winning inning! Yes we are winning!


Source: “Hope for every moment” T.D Jakes. Uniformitarianism, www.thoughtco.com