Whilst considering an article about a recent incident surrounding the Snake and monkey, I recalled the 1979 Hong Kong martial arts film titled “Snake in the Monkey’s Shadow (a.k.a. Hou hsing kou shou a.k.a. Snake Fist vs. the Dragon) as directed by Cheung Sum. Rather than chose this title, I chose to call this piece “Monkey in the Snake’s Shadow, based on the sequence of the events.”

money swallowing snakeThe River valley has in the past weeks witnessed some bizarre incidents that have left citizens dumbfounded and flabbergasted. “Wonders, as they say, shall never end.” Indeed, in the River valley, there never seems to be an end to strange happenings. You can always be sure of waking up to one sad news or the other.

Reports of kidnap, suicide, fuel scarcity, workers strikes, terrorist attacks, political party imbroglio,and of course dramas of the exploits of the economic crime fighters over corrupt citizens is often on the front burner. As a matter of fact, these appears not to be news anymore because of the frequencies and especially the distractive elements of such news.

Recently, the news of a well orchestrated coup d’ etat that saw animals united in their struggles against humans generated debates all over the city. We learnt that the animals were determined to take over for economic reasons. Endeared by the spate of public funds looting and corrupt practices, and angered by the feelings of neglect, they have chosen to take over the streets in angry demonstrations.

This take over is coming on the heels of disappointment arising from the complaints from the burrowing families who have been prevented from gaining access to buried loots because of the tight security around it. The knowledge of the fact that monies are being buried necessitated the call for sovereign national conference of the animals to discuss ways to get their own share of the national cake by any means possible.

Thus,  at the meeting of the representatives of the animal species, it was unanimously agreed that snakes and the monkeys be the first to perform the feat. On why the Monkeys and snakes were chosen to unleash havoc on custodian of public funds, the spokesperson of the committee said that the sly and subtle nature of the chosen species was one reason for their choice.

Cattles on the streetFurthermore, Cattles who had earlier taken over the streets, and have also forcefully taken over farmlands were motivated to continue their exploits until they posses the lands of their defenseless victims. Apparently, the animals seem to have been accorded more privileges that have seen them constitute public nuisance.

It is no longer news that some animals are exerting their influence on the public, and are being linked with swallowing of public funds. First, it was the snake, and then the monkey. Who is next? search me!

We hope the River Valley Government will quickly deploy troops that would stem this evil phenomenon ravaging our land so that our economy will not be controlled by snakes, monkeys and other animals.

What news is next? Anyway, whatver befalls us, we are winning. Yes, we are winning!



Broken News is a satirical online publication of a fictitious Happy Valley Agency which seeks to examine societal utopias that could foster positive change. 

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