Truly when I look back over my life I discover that the many times I thought my prayers were denied was actually only delayed. Of course, at such times, I would query God on why He refused to give answer my deepest heart desires, and yet He answers some others. I believe if life is to speak to you, it will say, I’ll surely get to you, hang on! Life is good, so it will never suggest suicide!

At some point I had thought my iniquities were so much that they defiled God’s mercies. This thought sometimes led to self-comparison, which further made me cast aspersion on God’s love and goodness. Through it all, God’s word tried me and proved me. And, I can testify that it was good for me to have experienced those adversities, because it deepened my understanding of God and His acts.

Yes, Life will always present broken places, places of struggles and conflicts. To assume that life will always be rosy is the height of self-deception. Even your faith which is more precious than silver or gold will be tried (1 Peter 1:4). It is these terrifying moments that has taught me how to soar! This is the reasons why I believe and confidently proclaim that, ‘I am winning!’

The real test of faith is in the silence of being on hold. There are certain times when life seem stagnant, or suspended. Then, you feel you’re are the verge of something phenomenal. Then, it would feel like eternity, when these silent coaches take your patience into strenuous calisthenics.

Do you feel you’re on hold? If you have a divine purpose and life has put you on hold hang on there. Yes, stay on the line until life gets back to you. Patience gets a workout when God’s answer is no answer. Stay on the line, life will surely get back to you! You’re winning! Yes, we are winning!