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Let him off the hook for your own good! If you are relying on another person to meet all your needs, to become everything in your life you are sure going to be disappointed at some points. I recall that when I gained admission into the university, I received lots of  promises of enjoying financial sponsorship and supports from a couple of friends, and brethren in my local church. In my first year in school, I struggled to find financial supports from these people. For months, I waited in vain, and even when I got funded, it never met up to my expectations, and this left me frustrated! At a point, I changed my perspective, I decided to trust in God alone for my needs. I decided that only those whom God would move to help me would do, and anyone who doesn’t, has not been convinced to help me. This attitude helped me to let people off the hook, and to accept them for who they are. Sometimes, God would allow us to go through seasons when we are not getting what we expect from people. Such times he teaches us to not rely on another person but to depend on him for our value, our worth, and need. Therefore, I challenge you that instead of being frustrated, you should change your perspective.

Also, don’t live on other people’s compliment. It’s nice to hear but you don’t rely on people for their approval else you would be discouraged and limited when they don’t validate you. You never going to keep everyone happy. When you come to the end of your life, God isn’t going to asked you if you kept everyone happy, or if you got encouragement or approval from your family, people, friends or colleagues. He’s going to ask you if you fulfilled His purposes for your life!  So quit trying to please people or rely on their approval. The key to a good relationship is to recognise the other persons strength and weaknesses and give room to be who they are and don’t squeeze them in your mold. Don’t try to get something from people that they don’t have. Never put your happiness in someone else’s hands. Rather, validate urself!

While preparing for a battle against the Midianites, the Lord said unto Gideon, The people … are too many—Although the Israelitish army mustered only thirty-two thousand (or one-sixth of the Midianitish host), the number was too great, for it was the Lord’s purpose to teach Israel a memorable lesson of dependence on Him. God warned them against their strategy of self dependency. “You have too many people with you…” Judges 7:2. The less you depend on people the more your spiritual muscle will become stronger and the higher you will go. And the higher God takes you the more disapproval, opposition, criticism and hatred you would get. Thus, if you base your worth or value on people you may never become what God wants you to be. Because you have the majority or connected to people of influence doesn’t guaranty your victory. As long as your doing your best and honouring God, you’re winning! Let God be your sufficiency! Yes, we are winning!


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  1. Michael Fadipe

    Hmmm, a great deal of lesson has to be learnt from here, no matter how close people are to you, they can fail in times of trouble but God will always stand by you no matter what. He is the dependable God

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