To all dear readers of ‘Yes we are winning’ (YWAW),  it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you all the best recently added FORUM on the site.

The forum is a means of interacting with each and every highly esteemed reader of posts from YWAW.

If you click on Forums from the menu, it takes you to the Forums page.

There are 5 Forum Headings: General, Life Tips, Post Feedback, Questions and Share Your Testimony.

Under each headings, there are topics connected to them and everyone can view this topics, comment on them and even create topics themselves. But in other to do this though, you must be registered.

So how do I register?

It’s simple and free. Below are the steps to register.

1. From the main menu, there is a Register option. Click on it.
2. A page opens containing a form which prompts you to fill in a Username and Email. The username is the name you want to use on the Forum. The email is where a link to set up your password will be sent. Kindly make sure your email is correct.
3. After filling it out, click on “Register”.
4. An email will be sent immediately to the email you chose to use.
5. Open the received mail from YWAW.
6. The received mail contains a list that’d direct you to a page to create a password.
7. Click on the link
8. Now a box appears telling you to write your desired password.
9. Write it on both boxes.
10. Click on create password.
11. And that’s it! You can use the username and password to login to the website. Just visit the main menu and click on Log In.

I hope the directions are clear enough. Feel free to ask me any questions regarding this if you comes across some difficulty along the way.

And yes… We are winning.