The Yes We Are Winning Initiative is glad to announce the launching of her official logo, which bears credence to the vision and mission of the group. This for us is a motivation for greater exploits and positive impacts to our growing audience and partners.

The logo is a heart wearing a star medal. The combination of the graphic element is made to represent the bust region of the human. The movement seeks to help people live their lives as winners by promoting positive mindset and godly lifestyles.

The logo which represents the heart, from where flows the issues of life, establishes the idea of love. It takes love to have a passion to see other people live a fulfilled life.

The color red is symbolic of power and energy, while the black represents power. We seek to inculcate positive mindsets that would fuel the desire to live as God as purposed for every man.

Yes We Are Winning is abbreviated as YWAW.

Our Vision

To impact people with a winning mentality by promoting a culture of excellence and distinction through a flourishing relationship with God.

Our Mission

To engender a movement of people who are equipped with the right attitude, behavior and winning culture, to live a life of excellence through partnership with God. Thus, promoting godliness, peace, and social justice among all race, without prejudice.

Our Mantra

“…raising a people with a winning culture.”

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Yes We Are Winning: THIS IS WHO WE ARE!