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Deep within every rational and purposeful man is the desire to live in a world that is better and glorious than the terrestrial. As such, any man who does not have eternity in view has forfeited his purpose in life, and he or she is not better than a goat. 

The truth is, we are not meant to be here forever! We are dwellers in a temporary shelter; and traders in a market place. Soon all businesses will close and we would be going home! No matter how comfortable we are here, and in spite of our sufferings, we are not home yet.

Man is created in God’s image to live for eternity. No matter how much time we spend here on earth, we have been designed to spend far more time on the other side of death. This is so because, “God has planted eternity in the human heart…” Ecclesiastes 3:11.

Following Jesus A man who’s got eternity in view will prepare for it and live a life that guarantees continuity in a destination that promises absolute peace, Joy and eternal life. Like a farmer who expects a bountiful harvest in its seasons, he will prepare the ground for planting and ensure that all the necessary conditions for proper growth of the crops is adhered to.

Simply put, If you want a good result you must put in a good work. Two things are involved here: you either love your life or you hate it. Both choices have eternal consequences: it is either you love your life to death or you lose your life to gain eternal life.

He who hates his life is not a fool; he only considers the world and its pleasures and accomplishments less important as where he spends eternity. He knows that no worldly achievements are capable of qualifying him for a life hereafter. Even though he seeks worldly necessities, his commitment is to a course that far outweighs the worldly rewards and gratifications.

Commitment to a course you believe in is fulfilling and may be an antidote to frustration. However, commitment to an earthly course while pursuing heavenly recognition is more rewarding. A well accomplished life without heavenly reward is all together futility.

There’s no earthly reward that is comparable to a life in eternity. By the way, there’s no way a man can gain the world, no matter how wealthy or influential he is. Even if he does, it is still not rewarding like a life that is sold out to God. 

In the word of Michael Huffington, “When we die our money, fame, and honors will be meaningless. We own nothing in this world. Everything we think we own is in reality only being loaned to us until we die. And on our deathbed at the moment of death, no one but God can save our souls.”

I’ll rather be committed to a course whose rewards surpasses the terrestrial; a course that won’t deny me eternity or deprive me a reward after my sojourn here is finished. There are courses of labor or humanitarian service here on earth that won’t qualify a man reward from God. 

CommitmentFor instance, an atheist may be immortalized for having achieved a great feat in national development, humanitarian service or social justice. But such persons rewards ends here on earth; he may have just works only for this world. He loved his life but lost it in eternity because he jettisoned his maker.

I hate my life; I have surrendered it to my maker who through his life has guaranteed my eternity. I will work to get worldly rewards and not miss heavenly glorification. If I love my life in this world then I will cherish everything and careless about my maker who gives me life.

If I love my life, then I will pursue my goals without credence to his instructions. I will do what will give me worldly praise and gratifications. I won’t mind if God is displeased with me as long as I believe in myself, follow my heart and remain at the center of my world. 

However, if I hate my life, then, my makers’s instructions and purpose for me would be my utmost pleasure. Having heavenly reward would be more important to me than amasing earthly riches. I will lose my life by becoming addicted to God and pursuing a course that guarantees me eternal life at the other side of death -eternity.

Like I said in a previous article, titled BIBLIOMATICS OF AGE: SEE HOW YOU CAN SPEND $90 BILLION IN A DAY, the choice of your destination is simply yours. Make a worthy choice. You are winning! Yes, we are winning!



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