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Finding the circumference of your life is knowing where you stand with reference to your creator. Every man is created by God to uniquely fill a vacuum in this world. Therefore there is no duplication of persons!  It is discovering where you are positioned in God’s plan for your life that gives your life a true meaning. The way of knowing that you are living and fulfilling destiny is to locate your center.

You are gracefully and specifically wired to fulfill a divine purpose in life. God made us gods, with attributes that reflect His image and likeness, including creative abilities, and dominion over all things. Therefore, we are ambassadors of heaven; representations of God on earth. By this, we stand us out of all other creation, and thus should be one reason for us to be always connected with God, whom we represent.

Even though we dwell in a world ruled by sin and satan, God has made us overcomers through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ! So, the seed of greatness dwells in us, and we have been made more than conquerors! Amid the allurements, and adversities of a godless age, we are made superior to our world and not made to be driven by it. We have been destined for greatness and excellence through the grace of God.  Therefore, we are fashioned to Win!

The first and simple purpose to which everyone must swear his loyalty to is God. Loyalty to God is simply the center where you are to begin to construct your circumference and set the externalities of your life right. Do not attempt to construct your circumference in order to be in right relationship with your center. A circumference is only named by the center. Therefore, you need to find your center in order to construct or correct your circumference. The heart may be firmly determined to loyalty, but, unless we know how to lean hard upon God, the forces against us will prove too much for us.

Stretch Yourself

The point is to stretch ourselves further; pace forward, stretch yourself beyond the distance you thought was already far. You need not be contented with where you’re currently because you are made for greatness. You need to soar new heights and break free from your comfort zones. It’s time to take your unique place in destiny. You are not a failure. You are not unfortunate! Challenge yourself always. You need to keep exploring, and learning. Keep moving forward! You are winning! Yes, we are winning!






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