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At about 3:00 am, I got up from a restless sleep, and as I sat down to study I wondered why my night was so restless. Just then I was inspired by a thought that led me to discover one sure way to live a radiant life. Please permit me to share this with you.

Before I do, I’ll like to allude to some facts about you. I know you’ve been troubled so much by reasons of these complications you now experience in your relationships. And the frequency of failures and disappointments has made you resigned to fate, and to conclude that you are an unfortunate being.

Yea, you have often wondered if this is the kind of life you have been destined to lead, where nothing seem to be working for you. Month after Months, year after years, yet you still seem far from your aspirations.

You still grapple with the fact that you are still jobless after so many years of searching for one. Even though you pray so well, yet you’ve been worried and downcast at the seeming silence of God in critical areas of your life, even though He says He cares.

And to make matters worst, you’ve been severely disappointed by the complacency of those that should be concerned about your plight. Even your intimate have abandoned you since you chose to stand for what is right.

A peaceful lifeI do understand that you have struggled with certain familiar illnesses for a while, and you wonder how long you are supposed to manage these for. However, I do appreciate that you’ve been standing still in hope of victory for a while and at getting tiring to keep hanging on.

In the words of my friend, “I’ve tried very hard to put behind me the ugly pasts and regrets, but it’s not been  easy.  It’s being hell but you are still optimistic that the new year will bring you much respite and gladness. I like your spirit!

Trust me, you’ve done well! You’ve survived hardship, rejection, failures and victimisation. You’ve really shown a strength of character. But still, you should do more more than just survive,  you must inculcate a sure principle that will keep you steadfast, even in the most troublesome situation.

You must resolve to always rejoice and delight yourself in God. When you do this; and with an assurance that God will not fail you, your tolerance and patience will be known to people who know your history, and you will would encourage them to trust your God too.

And also, you would radiate a beautiful and gracious spirit on the outside; your health will spring up quickly and you will glow in radiance and glory, basking in the euphoria of a peaceful life.

Trust me, this is one sure way to live a radiant life. You’re Winning! Yes, we are winning!





  1. mariam

    Even though we can’t do without having negative thoughts sometimes because we are human, having free spirit devoid of negative thinking and allowing things to happen according to God’s plan for us will also give us peace and every other things will fall into place.
    Thank you Mr Mark, your write-ups always make sense.

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