This morning, my friend called me and asked if I was already unboxing the Christmas gifts I received since it is Boxing Day. I chuckled, and said, “I really wish there are gifts to unbox.” Although I got one hamper which I had unboxed before the Boxing Day. Nothing really  special about the gifts except for the thoughtfulness of the giver and of course the spirit of the season.

Aside the severe economic situation of the country that has made Christmas to be celebrated on a low key, boxing of gifts is not really a thriving tradition in this part of the world. Many people know December 26 as a national holiday than the idea of a day set aside for unboxing Christmas gifts.

The greatest gift God gave was the priceless gift of His son—Jesus Christ (John 3:16). This precious gift was given for all irrespective of religion, race, color or creed. It was the free gift the world need to be liberated from the hardship caused by sin.

And in presenting his wonderful gift, He unboxed it and said, “This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased, hear him.” There’s no invaluable gift as this. A gift too wonderful for words. Have you got yours? It’s at the door, open up and get yours (Rev. 3:20).

Happy Boxing Day.

You are winning! Yes, we are winnng!

Wishing you a prosperous 2018.