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You cannot swap the price tag on God’s promises because it can never be discounted. Whatever it costs, it costs. Abraham, a friend of God, and an ambassador of His kingdom was assured that his faith and trust in God will be rewarded greatly. Having being blessed with great riches and wealth, Abraham was childless and stricken in years. What would have been more rewarding for a man whom God had promised to make the Father of many nations, than having a heir?

This was a concern to Abraham and his wife, Sarah who had passed the age of child-bearing. At some point, God said to Abraham “”Do not be afraid, Abram. “I am your shield and exceedingly great reward.” -Gen.15:1. Even though God continued to assure them of His plan to make their descendants inherit the promised land, yet Sarah struggled to hold on in the face of tough realities.

The integrity of God’s word can not be disputed. He’s never known to fail! Wherefore, knowing the end from the beginning, He promised Abraham that the child from his own body shall be his heir. The promise which was made to Abraham when he was 85 years of age, was to be fulfilled 15 years after, when Isaac would be born. Of course, this was God’s appointed time, and hidden from Abraham and Sarah. They were expected to through their faith and patience receive the promise.

However, through periods of unbelief and impatience, sarah, attempted to help God fulfill His promises, by swapping the tag. she advised her husband to marry her maid-servant, Hagar. The aftermath of this was Ishamael, who, though was blesssed, but was not to be the child of promise. Apparently, the delays of fulfillment of God’s promise to the family, created the frustration that made Sarah to seek to obtain discount on God’s promises.

I believe many people are trying to do same thing today. They are attempting to get discount on the promises of God. But unfortunately, that doesn’t work in the Kingdom of God. And whatever price you have to pay, be it patience, long-suffering or perseverance, or diligence you must pay in order to receive the promise. Certainly, you cannot discount God’s promises!

Anticipating the pains of the cross, Jesus attempted to negotiate the price for his glorification. However, compelled by his love for humanity, and submission to the absolute will of the Father, he surrendered. And he prayed saying, “Father, if You are willing, take this cup from Me. Yet not My will,but Yours be done.” -Luke 22:42. There’s no swapping the price tags on God’s promises. You must pay your own way. Your payment helps you to appreciate the blessings when they come because you know the expense. You will not easily jeopardize the welfare of something not easily attained.

God assured Abram of safety and happiness; that he should for ever be safe. I am thy shield; or, I am a shield to thee, present with thee, actually caring for thee. The consideration that God himself is, and will be a shield to his people, to secure them from all evils, a shield ready to them, and a shield round about them, should silence all perplexing, tormenting fears.

Don’t swap the price tag, there’s no discounted promise. Patiently wait. Trust and obey. You’re winning! Yes, we are winning!




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  1. Mariam

    Trust and obey
    For there’s no other way,
    To be happy in Jesus than to trust and obey.
    God would make all things new at His Own appointed time.


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