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If the Israelites were to capture the hills country of Canaan, Jericho, which controlled the way of ascent into these mountains, and Ai, another fortress, which stood at the end of the ascent, must fall! But knowing this, “Now Jericho was tightly shut because of the sons of Israel…” Thus, Jericho stood between the Israelites and their promised land, Canaan. The surrounding nations, including Jericho, was aware of God’s miraculous hand upon Israel. notable among the many miracles was the drying of the River Jordan in the time of its flooded state.

This spectacular demonstration of God’s power made Israel’s neighbors realize that God was on the side of Israel and He could do all things. It made them to lose heart and courage to fight. This fear, i believe was the reason Jericho locked up their gates against Israel. They know the only option they had was to surrender to Israel, and rather than do this, they chose to become a stumbling block to their passage to the land of promise.
Oftentimes, the challenges that confronts us in the face are only a mirage, a False Expectation Appearing Real (FEAR). For such, God has already given us victory, and only obedience to Him would bring our victory to reality. in the same vein, just as Jericho stood in the way of Israel, an obstacle might have been placed in your way of achieving God’s promises; or you night have had stiff oppositions achieving your desired goals in 2016, and now the fear of failing again confronts you in the face.

Perhaps, you need to change your strategies, and rather than rely on your skills and experience, you can follow God’s instruction. He is the master strategist, the invincible might man in battle, who knows the end from the beginning. Like Joshua, you can move forward on God’s instructions: “And the LORD said to Joshua, “See, I have given Jericho into your hand… and you shall march round…”-Josh 6:2. In essence, God was saying to Joshua that his victory is assured only if he follows His instructions.

A similar incidence was at the wedding in Cana of Galilee, where Jesus was a guest. While the celebration was on, the wine got exhausted, and Mary the mother of Jesus cried out to him for help. Hence, Jesus instructed the servants saying, “Fill the waterpots with water…draw some out…”(John 2:7). This miracle at Cana, like the conquest of Jericho was premised on obedience to divine instructions. Those that expects Christ’s favours, must observe his orders with ready obedience, because the way of duty is the way to mercy.

God improves creatures comforts to all who truly trust Him. Recall that it was in the wilderness that God provided water for the famished Israelites. So, no matter how hard the economy is, or how hopeless your situation looks, God will provide for you all the wherewithal to achieve your goals, and surpass your expectations. Just follow his instructions, fill the water pots! You’re winning! Yes, we are winning!




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