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So much accusations, counter-accusations, criticisms, and queries have trailed the cancellation of the planned February 6th ‘One voice Nigeria’ protest, by Tuface Idibia.  Some said he is a coward, attempting what he couldn’t not finished, while others says he’s wise to have called off the anticipated anti-government match, for which millions of Nigerians had geared up for. It is noteworthy that the security agencies advised against the Nationwide protest alleging that it potends serious security threats, as it might be hijacked by interests not aligned with the purpose of the protest.

Whatever your opinion is, take a moment to look within yourself: how many times have you given up on your quest for success in the face of ridicules, and challenges? Has the cold winds of opposition not banked the fire in you and your dreams crushed!? Have you not buried your potential because of criticism, which consequently made you adopt a mediocre lifestyle? Think deeply, you may be the coward Lion!

Yes, “It is okay to be scared sometimes. Courage is the ability to face your fears not hide them.” I challenge you to rekindle your desire to achieve whatever God has promised you. No one can ignite in you what you don’t possess. You need that continued spark for excellence to overcome all the blight of being ostracized. Don’t lose your fire! You can still succeed! You’re winning! Yes, we are winning!


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