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In many parts of the world, cry of anguish, pain and sorrow have never ceased to be heard, especially amongst the faithfuls and bonafide followers of the famous king and master, who having fell from his throne few years back is now declared dead. Although, celebrations, pomp and pageantry area also witnessed in many part of the world, as the news of the death of the notorious hellish king rent the air.

A top aid of “The Symbol” as he is fondly called, who broke the news said that before his demise, the tyrant dissolved his cabinet, and advised the shareholders to consider their investments non and void. He was however said to have assured his followers that their dividends will be paid in full in the near future.

The Tyranic kingDespite the assurance, the addicted followers have expressed utter disappointment over how their acclaimed master failed to live up to expectations and has thus displayed unfaithfulness to his promises.

Our correspondents who spoke to members of his caucus reported that those who have hitherto lived in worldly affluence have expressed wrath over his sudden death, saying that the failed promise of worldly riches and inheritance is clearly a mirage.

The implication is that all Satan’s faithfuls would become jobless, hopeless and in utter desperation. Sadly, the rate of unemployment is expected to greatly increase as a result of the sudden and untimely death of the world’s famous tyrant and deceiver.

As this news gladdens many who have been continually terrified by the nefarious activities of this tyrant, many have testified that evil would stop in the world. Some have also expressed happiness at the spate of killings, suicide, crime, immoralities, diseases, wars to mention a few would be no more.

Hey, this is utopia! The accuser of men, and the father of all lies, Satan has been appointed for judgement at the time that God has set. The devil will be captured only after the saints have been raptured. However, satan knows that his time is close and as such he continues to vehemently fights to make men become enemies of God. Where do you stand? On whose side are you?

In one of my previous articles, titled BROKEN NEWS: THE ANCIENT CITY OF RETARD RECEIVES 50 MILLION NEW MIGRANTS, I noted that for those who desire a safer, peaceful and moral society, you would have wished this happens here, so that wickedness would diminish and the world would be a better place. But this is a moral utopia!

This will not happen in this world but it is a shadow of what is to come. You’re winning! Yes, we are winning!


*Broken News is a publication of Happy Valley Agency which seeks to examine political and moral utopias that would foster positive change.


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