“I look unto you oooh answer my call ohh (Answer My Call Oooh) Baba God o! (Pick up the call) Emi naa fe wa Range Rover (I want to ride Range Rover) Dangote olori meji ( like, Dangote, I want to be rich) Pick up the call. Na beg i dey beg o (I’m begging)…”

The song of the sensational hip hop artist, Adekunle Kosoko (a.k.a Adekunle Gold) has spurred me to write this piece. Looking at this topic, the first thing that comes to mind is a passionate plea for God’s blessings. It reveals the deep desire of a person who desperately needs divine intervention in attaining the good life. It is a heartfelt plea for God to pick up the call and prevent further delay in making him wealthy and accomplished like notable persons in the society.

How do you feel when you are trying to reach out to someone through your mobile phone and you find difficulties getting connected? Frustrated! Irated or pissed!? It’s very annoying and can be very frustrating when you cannot connect especially in a situation of dire need. 

Yea, it can be really bad, sometimes with our network providers, you just experience annoying network failures. I’ve once been close to someone and I dialed his number and was told it is unavailable yet his phone was on and network signals were up.  Anyway, we all benefit from the use of the mobile telephony as well as also suffers the effect of poor connections which maybe due to many factors including weather condition, natural disasters or technical faults to mention a few.

I haven’t seen a man who has a phone and wants to make calls and yet has not subscribed to a network. For instance, you can make calls with your mobile phones if you don’t have a SIM card that identifies you with a network provider. It’s impossible! You must have a line registered with a telecom service provider to be able to make or receive calls. 

Even if a person lives very close to a telecom base station of a particular subscriber, and he is not registered on its network he can never make or receive calls. Such a person can go to anywhere to complain that he doesn’t benefit a thing from the network, he certainly has no case. In fact he maybe considered insane! He might even own the most expensive handset, if he is not connected to a service, he’s definitely on his own.

In the same vein, if you are not securely connected to God, your call will not be connected to him. Though, he is not deaf, yet will not only not answer you but you will also not be able to hear from him.  He only answers and speaks to those who have his Spirit (The SIM card) in them. The Holy Spirit is the guaranty that you are his and that you are connected with him on the same frequency’.

The anger of God burns against the unrighteous daily but the righteous he shows Favour. Although he answers the prayers of a sinner who is willing to repent and follow God, but the disobedient and ungodly will not find Favour in God except he turns to him. 

Some people actually blame God for their misfortunes, while some other thinks that if God is good he should have helped solve their problems even without them asking. Some argue that since God knows one’s heart why then can’t be provide one’s heart desires. Others have thought that if God is omnipotent why can’t he stop evil from happening to us. Why must he wait till we pray to him? 

Same way you cannot possibly blame the telephone service providers for not being able to make or receive calls without you being an identified subscriber, it’s same way you cannot get God to bless you if you are not identified with him. You may exist but without a relationship with him you are actually not living. 

You needn’t struggle with making calls if you’ve got a sim card and you are registered with the telephone service provider.  Even though there may sometimes be bad connections, you are still assured that connections will be restored as soon as the barrier is taken away. 

On the contrary, with God there’s never any network failure. Prayer is the telephone to God—you speak to him and he reveals his mind to you through his living word. Even when you get disconnected by sin, God is merciful to restore you back and connect you to the heavenly frequency.

Alright, pick up your phone now and call God. Be sure you’re connected and trust me, you’re winning!  Yes, we are winning!