The Yes, We Are Winning Foundation Commemorates The World Youth Skills Day, 2022

The Yes, We Are Winning Foundation Commemorates The World Youth Skills Day, 2022

The Yes, We Are Winning foundation commemorates the annual World Youth Skills Day with the theme: TRANSFORMING YOUR SKILLS FOR THE FUTURE The World Youth Skills Day is celebrated every July 15 to encourage young people to gain the skills that will equip them for entrepreneurship and employability.

Designated by the General assembly in 2014, the World Youth Skills Day is an opportunity for young people, technical and vocational education and training institutions and public and private sector stakeholders to acknowledge and celebrate the importance of equipping young people with skills for employment, decent work and entrepreneurship.

Speakers at the World Youth Skills Day Symposium in Lagos

Skills and jobs for youth feature prominently in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and SDG target 4.4 calls for a substantial increase in the number of youth and adults who have relevant skills.

At the just concluded #worldyouthskillsday2022 symposium held in Lagos, Nigeria, our amiable guests speakers and mentors led decisive discussions about the need for #youths to inculcate winning mentalities that would foster self development and productivity.

They emphasised on the need for young people to gain relevant #skills that will help them achieve their personal success and help them make their dreams come through even in the most challenging environment.
Our speakers includes: Mrs. Agbons Igiewe, MD, Ziza Digital, Dr. Mrs. Adesola Falaiye, MD & CEO, AFKAR Prints & Publishing Company Ltd, Miss Best Akindele, MD Bestlines Creative Hub, Mr. Aderemi Ogunpitan, MD, IBST Media.and Mr. Michael Sowunmi, Founder, Rising Star Foundation.
We were entertained by the amazing dance crew, Chrysolite Crew from Ibadan. Others include Lubran, Funny Stem, Maazi waters, and Starron House of Arts from Badagry.
The Yes, We Are Winning foundation shall continue to promote the importance of Skills acquisition and provide platform for empowering youth to achieve their dreams.
Happy World youth Skills Day 2022.
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When we focus too much on ourselves, we worsen our predicaments , and may sink deeper into despair. As humans, we all struggle with self-centeredness and selfishness. We tend to be selfish because all we can see is our own pains and pleasures, and most often we do not notice the pains of others.

We further sink into discontentment when our hearts are only concerned with our own pleasures. Whereas, we enjoy happiness and fulfillment when we notice and meet the needs of those who are desperate for help. One major source of happiness is taking our eyes off ourselves and our own desires, and focus on meeting the needs of others – the oppressed, the hungry, the homeless, the afflicted, the sick and helpless.

The submission of Danny Thomas is instructive: “Success has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplished for yourself. It’s what you do for others.” Still thinking about how to help? Look deeply within yourself and you will be amazed that there’s something you truly care about and would be your greatest pleasure if you get involved.

Some YWAW Volunteers at Old People’s Home in Lagos

40% of our happiness is determined by intentional activities, behaviour and practices that we voluntarily pursue, such as helping others, adopting positive attitude, exercise or striving for goals. Helping others is the secret sauce to happiness.

There are a number of voluntary causes that you can engage in that would put you on a platform to be of help to others in your little way. You can get involved in helping sex trafficking victims, the elderly who have no one to care for them, little kids who need help learning to read – there’s always something you can do.

You can also volunteer for a non-governmental organization who carry out humanitarian, social services or advocacy and join to serve the needs of others, The Yes, We Are Winning Foundation (YWAW) is an example of a charity and human capital development NGO that focuses on helping people especially in the area of education and empowerment.

We provide a platform for those who have passion to impact the world positively and be life savers while they also inculcate a winning lifestyles. You can volunteer with us today through this link.

When you have made a choice of a service to render, then, commit to serve once or twice, and see how you feel. If you liked it, get involved in their their causes and give your service to humanity. “Non Sibi Sed Alis”; “Not for us but for others” Your becoming a well watered garden often comes because you feel good helping another human being. God has a way of rewarding your selfless sacrifice with healing and satisfaction that will surpass your expectations.

Yes, We Are Winning!

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“Yes, We Are Winning Foundation -A new identity for optimists”

“Yes, We Are Winning Foundation -A new identity for optimists”

The launching of the Yes, We Are Winning Foundation was an event I had eagerly anticipated. The movement which began two years ago was officially launched as an NGO, thus, positioning us for a greater exploits, and wider global reach.

Amidst the tight schedule of many of our guest, they still made it to the event, and their presence was very pleasing. Gladly, they all gave credence to the initiative, and all pledged to been financially and morally committed to the vision and mission of the foundation.

Several accolades and commendations were given about what we have achieved so far, and how we have impacted many lives globally. Many of our guests expressed their pleasure in how the Yes, We Are Winning brand has grown over the years, and have become an identity for those who are self-motivated, and excellent driven.

Mrs. Eniola Eyesan, one of our advisers was full of praise for the foundation, and how the initiative has become an identity for winners. In expressing her reason for joining the foundation, she said the mission of the group is a summary of her life’s goal, and the mantra, “We Care, We Educate, We Encourage, We Empower to win”,  fits perfectly with her life’s philosophy.

She pledged her unflinching support to the group, saying, she would not only be financially supportive, but would also be present at every event organized for the purpose of impacting lives. Mrs. Eniola Eyesan unveiled the new T-shirt of the YWAW foundation, and challenged many visitors to launch it for the purpose of raising funds for the NGO.

Some of our guests also spoke highly of the foundation, and testified to the positive influence it has made on the society, also pledged their moral and financial support to the group. Dr. Sam Etatuvie, our indefatigable adviser, Dr. Mrs. Elizabeth Disu, the President of Abiye Mother & Child  Health International Organization was present to grace the occasion.

Others include, Deji Bademosi, TV360, Mr. Chinedu Angus, Dumetech International, Mr. David Abass, CEO David Abass International Agency, and other friends of the group to many to mention.

We were particularly honored by the presence of my mentors: My Pastor and Covener of Sent to The Vulnerable Foundation , Rev. Samson Abimbola and his lovely wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Abimbola, Rev. Rotimi Taiwo, formally Pastor, Victory Baptist Church Ajah, and the convener Sebiomo Foundation. They all expressed their pleasure for the foundation and pledged his support to the group.

Here are few of our pictures. You will find more on our facebook page.

Rev. David Adeyemo and his elegant wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Adeyemo, have been part of the group since inception. The entire family graced the occasion with their presence and pledged continued support to being part of a foundation that is established to inculcate a winning a culture.

To Mrs. Titilola Eke (Nee John) and my sweet darling, and Vice-president of YWAW foundation, Damilola Ibigbami, and my twinee , Delightsome Ibigbami, I say a very big thank you for being there from the outset, and for your unflinching support. you deserve plenty accolades.

Time won’t allow me to mention names of my friends and family who graced the occasion. A special thanks to all volunteers, and executives of the YWAW foundation, You guys are amazing! Special thanks to our financials and partners, who have always identified with us in our needs. Hearty cheers to our friends and well-wishers who were unable to attend the launching.

YWAWF TeamWe are very pleased to provide the platform for those who would be positive influence on the society and world at large. We welcome all those who, in spite of the challenges in the world, would stand secured and motivated in pursuance of excellence, whilst also spreading hope to a world that is fraught with hopelessness and despair.

Yes, We Are Winning Foundation is a Charity and human capital development Non-governmental organization established to inculcate a winning attitude that would engender self-development and national transformation through words of encouragement, motivational messages, practical life tips, insightful discussions, empowerment initiatives, social and humanitarian services. For more about us click

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When we say Yes, We Are Winning, we say, We Care. Educate, Encourage, Empower to win. YWAW…WeCEEEyou!