I bet you you wouldn’t know that spot on Katampe hill is the center of Nigeria unless someone had told you. What would have been an ultimate search experience for me turned out to be an easy task because my friend who had earlier visited led me to that spot.

Geographical Center of Nigeria

It’s really very shameful and disappointing that there’s no unique landmark to symbolize the geographical center of Nigeria. This I consider very absurd and a failure of the government in harnessing our rich eco-tourism potentials.

Katampe Hill is a granite outcrop and one of Abuja’s highest points. A panoramic view from the top of the katampe hill gives another beautiful side attraction you would love to experience. The Aso Radio is strategically located at the top of the hill providing a clear radio signal up to Niger state.

Any foreign tourist or an adventurous person would love to visit a landmark like the geographical center of a city or country. If I happen to visit any city where the center of the country is located, I would certainly want to see the center of such city. This spot should of course be an endearing monument for any tourist. But sadly, the Katampe hill has nothing attractive to endear tourists to its beautiful structure. I have seen how some countries symbolize their geographical centers: America, France, Europe to mention few built a unique monument around their center to attract tourists and to give a brief history of such phenomenon. But Nigeria’s geographical center is unadorned.

Like I mentioned in my previous article, “The Zuma Rock is sad!”, ‘the relevant authorities should promote, as well as create the enabling environment for private investors to develop the ecotourism potential of our beautiful country in order to reduce dependency on Crude oil.’

The geographical center of Nigeria should be a monument, and tourists attraction site that would endear many to Katampe hill, and of course to the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria.

The Government needs to, as a matter of urgency and priority develop the eco-tourism potentials of the country. We need to promote our natural endowments and make Nigeria top on the holiday destinations of many tourists.

Nigeria is blessed!

Yes, we are winning!