YWAW Foundation Calls on Local Authority for The Urgent Repair of Dilapidated Primary School

The Yes We are Winning Foundation has called on the Local Authority for the Repair of a Dilapidated Primary School it recently came across.

A Statement by the Founder, Mr. Mark Ibigbami reads:


A dilapidated school building at the Orisigun Primary School in Ketu Lagos caught my attention on the day when we visited the school to distribute School kits to the beneficiaries. I leant it happened recently during a torrential rainfall that left the students and Teachers scampering for safety. Thankfully, none was hurt but the psychological effects leaves much to be desired. Thereafter, the kids were packed together in a very small class and you can imagine how unbearable that condition would be. Four months down the lane, there hasn’t been any positive response by the Local Authorities even after several appeals. This is really disheartening and demoralising for an institution of learning where future leaders are to be molded.

Furthermore, the staff room where the teachers are supposed to seat and prepare for their classes as well as relax lies in ruins.  We visited the office of the teachers and we we were dumbfounded at the site of the room and the condition of the facilities. The teacher lamented the state of neglect of the school facilities and the adverse effects on learning.  She called on the Local Authority to quickly respond to the plight of the school and help improve the learning conditions.

The school computer center also lie in ruins and I wonder how the pupils can learn under such deplorable conditions. Besides, the school is cut off from electricity which have left them unable to make use of the computer systems donated to the school by a church.

Education, they say is Power, as such a lot more funds need to be invested into ensuring that affordable and quality education is guaranteed for a prosperous future of our country.

YWAW Project 555 Education Scholarship

YWAW Foundation donates school kits to beneficiaries of the school

He continued by stressing that The Yes, We Are Winning Foundation is committed to empowering people for quality education. “As part of our objective, we Care, Educate, Encourage and Empower people to Win. We shall continue to promote social welfare and inculcating a winning culture with our educational scholarship programs and mentorship”.

“We wish to call on the Agboyi-Ketu LCDA to kindly offer the needed help in rebuilding the school facilities in order to boost the morale of the diligent and persevering teachers and pupils of the school”.

“As part of our mandate, The YWAW foundation shall make efforts to support the school in soliciting help for the rebuilding of the fallen structures and empowering the students and teachers. We shall be glad to have you Join to support the Orisigun Primary school in rebuilding the dilapidated structures and ensuring a conducive academic environment” he said.

See Pictures from the School below

Orisigun Primary School

Orisigun Primary School

Orisigun Primary School

Orisigun Primary School


Orisigun Primary School
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Mark Ibigbami


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  1. Oladapo Christus Okikiolu 9 months ago October 28, 2019

    Our Government needs to be held accountable on these….. there are number of school that needs to be on the database of the government. So that they will know their are some schools that needs infrastructure


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