It was a bright and beautiful Monday morning. The staff and students of the City Center College were looking animated and radiant at the usual 7:30 a.m. assembly. Mr. John Paul, nicknamed “Mr. Move” was the teacher on duty and so in his usual manner, he was conducting the assembly in a dramatic manner.

First, a song from the Songs of Praise (SOP), then The Lord’s Prayers followed by instructions and warnings to be well behaved, studious, and disciplined within and outside the school. And then the Principal urged debtors to pay up their school fees before the deadline. He wished the students a fruitful week ahead, and walked away.

“Attention!”, alerted Mr. ‘Move.’ With a stern look he commanded, “In a straight and undisturbed line, march to your classrooms with immediate alacrity.” The students took dressing immediately and were set for the March. Just then, a student raised a song and the rest students joined in singing, “We are able to go up and take the mountain…move on to the righteous side…”

It wasn’t any song different from what Mr. John would advise anytime it is his turn to conduct the assembly. Hence, they nicknamed him, Mr. “move” Mr John looked with excitement as he watched the students march to their various classrooms. But, at some point he tried to call the students to order for singing a chorus wrongly, but the students were too excited to stop. “…move on to the righteous side ‘with’ God, and not ‘of’ God, he alarmed.

Mr. John looked frustrated because he was again unable to identify the group of senior students who are in the habit of singing the chorus wrongly. Even though he had corrected them many times, these group of students deliberately would do this to poke him. “I’ll get you guys soon”, he retorted, as he walked to his office.

Political powers of Nigerian politics

Nigerian political deflectors

Yes, whenever the students say, “move on to the righteous side of God”, Mr. John would insist it is “move on to the righteous side with God.” Therefore, the contention has been with the words, “‘of’ and ‘with’” He had explained severally that God does not have an unrighteous side, hence it makes no sense to say, move on to the righteous side of God. To say, move on to the righteous side of God means God has both righteous and unrighteousness sides.

It is indeed true that God is righteous and there is no iota of unrighteousness in Him. His nature is holy and pure and there is no imperfections in him. He’s not man that would lie or fail. He’s invincible and unsearchable. It is therefore impossible for him to be unrighteousness! Therefore anyone who would move to his side will only be moving “with” him to the righteous side and not moving to the righteous side “of” him.

This truth comes to mind at this season of decampment and deflections in Nigeria’s political terrain. Prior to every election year, there’s usually factionalism which is often occasioned by displeasure from members of political parties. This then results into aggrieved members decamping to opposition parties to seek elections or re-elections as the case may be.

I’m not about to discuss political parties and deflections, but just to mention that being the rave of the moment there is a critical lessons that can be helpful to our lives. Beyond the seasons of deflections, decampments, and impeachments, one call that has remained persistent and appealing is the call to decamp. It is a clarion call to every man irrespective of political affiliations, social status or what have you, to move from the camp of God-haters, unrighteousness, self-centeredness, injustice, and all forms of wickedness to the righteous side with God.

This call to decamp is an undying call from a loving and compassionate God who has extended his grace to all men, for the purpose of snatching them away from the camp of Satan who is destined for destruction along with those who follow him.

God’s calling

Many people have joined the camp of the enemy by virtue of their associations and affiliations, and this maybe political, social or even spiritual. For the purpose of worldly achievements, fame and glory some people have joined diabolical camps and cults, like illuminati, church of satan, ogboni to mention a few.

They have in place of worldly recognition sold their souls to eternal condemnations, and have become antagonists of rightful living. Such are those who are constantly being called to decamp and and move on to the righteous side with God. Political leaders are called to embrace righteousness and show mercy; followers are called to be God-lovers, and spiritual leaders are called to stay on the side of the truth no matter the pressures.

You don’t necessarily have to be in cults to decamp. As long as you are on the side of the immoral, cheats, corrupted, slave masters, liars, abominable, and violent offenders; you certainly need to decamp to the righteous side with God.

Our society needs people who are loving, and who fear God. We need leaders who are selfless and patriotic. When we all stand with God, only then can we build a vibrant nation that will dwell in peace and prosperity. For it is righteousness that exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to the people. “God-devotion makes a country strong; God-avoidance leaves people weak.” ‭‭(Proverbs‬ ‭14:34‬ ‭MSG‬‬).

At this season of political defections; I urge you to decamp, move to the righteous side with God and embrace peace. You’re winning! Yes, we are winning!


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