Just as I laid in bed to rest, my entire life was flashed before me in split seconds. The fear of desperation confronted me, as my new year aspirations and expectations were put side by side with the realities of life.  And in swift response, my judgement was beclouded with doubts, and anxiety that plunged me into serious panic and despair.

Just in few minutes, my mood had swung from happiness to intense fear and panic that resulted into hormonal imbalance and consequently debilitated me.  I only just poured my heart to God at the cross over night few hours back, and welcomed year 2019 with hopeful expectations that the new year would birth the fulfillment of my dreams. How quickly can my renewed hope in the first day of the year, turn into despair, I had wondered.

Part of my new year goals include: to be gainfully employed after my NYSC program. I also hope to set up my business and be an employer of labour. More So, am hoping to start my M.Sc program in the current year, at least move further in my career path.

Truth is, I dread to be idle or jobless, or become a burden to my family. But I seem to be worried that this might happen to me. And this realities scares me to the bone. I felt so disillusioned and desperate. And so, my soul was suddenly flooded with the turmoil of a misfortune, and these thoughts tormented me for some hours.

After much thoughts, I decided to highlight the glaring realities and place them side by side with facts about life. The resultant wisdom and peace I got afterwards was reassuring and I felt I should share this with you.

The realities:
1. Getting a Job: with the economic situation and uncertainties in the country, it is becoming more difficult to get a job. This is an undeniable reality!

2. This implies that Out of 10 persons, only 2 New graduate might get a job. The rest would have to wait and keep trying until fortune smiles on them. While some may never be gainfully employed.

The Facts:

It is a fact, that life is so unfair that one has to be constantly positioned on the side of optimism. There’s just a thin line between faith and doubt, failure and success and of course life and death. If you blink, you slip to the other side in no time.

In life, there must fortune and misfortune, success and failure, good and bad. It is a verity of life! Therefore, it is wisdom to dwell on the side of optimism. Life is full of battles, and winning over life’s hurdles starts from the mind. A positive mindset is thus, a veritable platform for success.

Furthermore, life is a choice. As success and failure is a choice, so also is fear and faith. Each action determines where you’re placed in life. It might be temporary fulfilling to worry about realities, but ultimately it is a destructive endeavor. Thus, it is wisdom to be optimistic, and dwell on the good things of life even though time and chance happens to all.

Faith Fades Fear

Aside being positive, a man with absolute faith in God and His unfailing promises has a better chance to excel. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. You can’t do well in life if you don’t have faith in the things that doesn’t change, that is the character of God.

Fear makes you hinge your hope on the things which are temporary and unreal but faith steadies you on the storms of life. Whether you choose faith or fear, it is your choice. But it’s wisdom to chose faith over fear. And the result of choosing faith over fear is effortlessly rewarding and delightful.

Faith endears you to God who’s got all the world’s resources and can make a way where there seem to be no way. You can’t see beyond your nostrils. It is a fact! So whatever fear you anticipated for tomorrow isn’t real–its false expression appearing real. And such fear is meant to afflict and torment you! (more…)