Taken off


Now that you have taken off, get on with a new motivation and orientation; strip down, start running —and never quit! No extra weight, no parasitic sins.

Let us forgive everyone who ever limited or disappointed us in the previous year. Let’s just dismiss our grievances and let them go away. Be courageous and tell your past, “Sleep on, my past!”

Let us stop dwelling on the offenses of men so that we can experience the kindness of God. Do not be deceived, you cannot go forward if you are always looking backward. It makes no sense to put a new wine in an old bottle; move on!

One thing that is wrong for you to do today is to still wear that garment of hatred or be weighed down by depression. It is very wrong and unbecoming of someone who has miraculously crossed into the newness of a year full of amazing tidings to still be tied down by doubts and hopelessness.

If indeed you have been through enough hard times in the year past, then be desperate enough to open up to God for rid your heart of the residue of your painful past with the cleansing power of his eternal word. Let him re-create you so you can become a better man.

It is unwise to still go through the motion of leaning on your own understanding, a lifestyle you chose to lead, and such that disappointed your expectations in the past years.

Rather than being full of yourself or seek the approval of others, it is most rewarding to lean on God for direction that is sure to lead you to success and accomplishments in the new year. This is a winning strategy that is tested and proved.

I am very certain that with faith in God, you will put up with anything along your way: opposition, economic hardship, whatever!

Now that you are here, befriend God and get to work. Stay motivated and focus on achieving your goals with a renewed hope.

You’re winning! Yes, We Are Winning!


Mark Ibigbami


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  1. Sophia 7 months ago January 3, 2020

    Yeah take off the old garment cos it will be a hinderance for u
    to forge ahead. Winning is our attitude ???


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