Florence Nightingale who births the Foundation, Philosophy Of Modern Nursing, introduced novel concepts to the nursing practice that decreased mortality rates. Her contribution, such as establishing the need for sanitation, recognizing dietary requirements, providing round the clock patient care, instituting triage, collecting statistical evidence, encouraging education and promoting advocacy, form the foundation of nursing.

It is the 200th year anniversary of the bravest people in the world. The courage of Nightingale has birth a lot of nurses today in the world. And this gives a question in our heart. Who are nurses? What role do they play in the health sector?

According to Mariam-Webster dictionary, nurses are licensed health care professionals who practice independently or are supervised by a physician, surgeon or dentist and who is skilled in promoting and maintaining health. To a layman he might see nurses as people who wear uniforms, walk smartly, always look neat, administer drug or injections and also assist doctors in the theatre. But do you know that nurses are more than what I stated above?

Nurses play so many roles: they are the heartbeat of health care. They are people who have given up their time, life, love, care, freedom, happiness and attention to people they know nothing about. They give up their lives not minding the risk of catching a disease from their patient with the intention of giving absolute care. They are the faces that patients have come to know and rely on.

A nurse is not just known for taking vital signs or keeping records of patients; they are educators. They educate their patient and their families on how to manage symptoms and how the patient can be taken care of.

They are caregivers: their ability to stay up all night to ensure their patient are in a good state and also check on their patients timely as required by doctors tells of their strength and longsuffering.

They are good counselors who try their best to give hope to their patient ensuring that the patient is not only physically taken care of but also emotionally healthy.

They are good communicators: they don’t only communicate with their patient but also act as support system to other health professionals by giving vital information to help the doctor know how to meet the needs of their patients.

They are play the role of a chemical catalyst: they have vast medical knowledge that enables them to select effective drugs that can help the patient recover on time.

Nurses are advocates: since they spend most of their time with their patient, this gives them the ability to speak on the behalf of their patient if any need arises.

You see that nurses are much more than what we think of them and this may account for the reasons why most times their jobs are not being appreciated.

In commemoration of the international nurses day the international council of nurses (ICN) has tagged this year theme as Nursing the world to health. This takes us to the pandemic, Covid-19 which has claim the lives so many health workers who has put their lives in front line for the people of the world to regain their health. Report has it that over 90,000 health workers are infected with the Covid-19 while some are dead.

Regardless of death and disease they work tirelessly to nurse the world to health. These health workers are currently in a war with Covid-19 trying to look for possible solution to this disease. As we commemorate the International Nurses Day, we employ our government to show more commitments to the health sector and implement policies that would ensure that our hospitals are well equipped, improve the working standards of the medical workers, and increase staffing of nurses.

Nurses are making invaluable contributions to the health of people globally. We cannot afford not to have these people who selflessly sacrifice their lives motivated economically, physically and emotionally. Failure to have them well remunerated would only add up to their stress, which will result in low performance in carrying out their duty.

Have you wondered why when you get to the hospital you see some nurses give you an awkward attitude? It may be as a result of emotional stress or lack of proper motivation. All these contribute to the welfare of nurses in doing their jobs right. Also, your attitude as an individual towards nurses matters. When next you see a nurse, make sure you appreciate him or her. Never you look down on a nurse because they are lifesavers.

These health care workers needs to be celebrated not just because it’s their 200th year anniversary or because of this pandemic but because they’re real heroes. Their love and care is something I can’t come comprehend even when they have their own challenges they set it aside for the well being of their patients. Winston S. Churchill made a statement about courage ” success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.

Nurses are one of the courageous, brave minds. How will you celebrate them? Join me to celebrate this noble profession, as we wish our nurses, a happy international nurses day.

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