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Pursue your desire


How strong is your desire? If your desire is not stronger than the status quo, or exceed speculations you may not achieve what you desire.

If your tenacity for success is not stronger than the prevailing circumstances, and the surrounding limitations or criticism, your dream may just be as good as a successful abortion.

It is often said that where there is no desire, there is no passion, and where passion is lacking, failure is inevitable. Bishop T.D Jakes puts it this way, “Many people who set out to accomplish goals are so easily discouraged or intimidated by their own anxieties that they relinquish their right to fight for their dreams. “ He added, “ …if there is a tenacious burning desire in the pit of your stomach, you become very difficult to be discouraged.”

Friends,  don’t let the failures of the past or the challenges of the present stop you from achieving your dreams. If you really need it, then you will pursue it with a tenacity of purpose.

Your desire

How Strong is your desire

Let your dream drive you to produce a good result that will benefit you and the world at large. If you wait on men’s approval you may never pursue your dreams. Don’t let people’s criticism make you into a mediocre.

Don’t sit around feeling sorry about yourself, your poor family background, or about the mistakes that caused you golden opportunities in the past. You can rise up to your feet again. You can try again!

Let your desire become a strong force that can overcome any limitation. Trusting God can help you to maintain a peaceful and stable outlook even in the face of frustrations.

Say no to your defeat, and inculcate a winning attitude!

You are winning! Yes, We Are Winning!

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