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YWAW Awards Secondary and Primary School Students to Celebrate Project 555

YWAW Awards Secondary and Primary School Students to Celebrate Project 555

Date: October 11, 2019

Advocacy | Awareness | Children Aid | Education

The Yes We Are Winning foundation has awarded Twenty Eight (28) students in Six (6) Secondary schools and Three (3) Pry schools in Lagos with essential academic aids.

The Schools Include:

  1. Ikosi Junior Sec Sch, Ikosi-Ketu
  2. Comprehensive Junior High Sch, Agboyi-Ketu
  3. Community Junior Sch, Agboyi-Ketu
  4. Expressway Pry School, Ikosi-Ketu
  5. Agboyi-Ketu Pry School. Agboyi-Ketu
  6. Orisigun Pry Sch, Ketu
  7. Ikorodu Senior High Sch, Ikorodu

The school kits which comprised of Bags, textbooks, notebooks, Mathematical sets, dictionaries & school uniforms were distributed to indigent but brilliant kids.

The scholarship and mentorship scheme which is called PROJECT 555 is to support the education of the kids as well as to reward academic excellence. The beneficiaries will be mentored and empowered through out their studies to pursue their career with all diligence.

The YWAW Foundation shall continue to increase the number of beneficiaries each session, thereby achieving the aim of empowering 5 pupils in 5 schools and in 5 communities. This is in compliment with the United Nations Educational Scientic and Cultural Organization(UNESCO) mandate to cover all aspects of education.

UNESCO believes that education is a human right for all throughout life and that access must be matched by quality.

YWAW foundation is poised to fulfill her mantra Which is, We CEEEyou—We Care, We Educate, We Encourage, We Empower to win!

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Mark Ibigbami