The Yes, We Are Winning Foundation joins the rest of the world to celebrate the effort of the women in the Mother’s Association of the Social mobilisation unit under the Lagos State Universal Basic Education Board.

Cross section of women who are beneficiaries of the SUBEB empowerment program with partnership from the YWAW foundation

The International Women’s Day which is commemorated every March 8 is a global day to celebrate the achievements of women. The Mother’s Association held IWD in partnership with the Yes We Are Winning Foundation on the 17th of March with the theme “Break The Bias”.

From Left to Right: Amarachi Eke, Project Director YWAW, Mrs. Odubayo Comfort, SUBEB Social Mobilisation Coordinator, Sola YWAW Volunteer at the Women Symposium held in Lagos

To break the bias in the society that culturally leaves women behind, there is need for intentional growth. As women, we need to grow ourselves to the level where we can not be denied our rights when there are opportunities even in the men’s space.

I have seen a lot of young ladies breaking forth in their career. I believe if we have more intentional women who refuse to act as a victim despite the challenges, we can break the bias.

According to Dr. Mrs Adesola Falaiye, the MD/CEO of Afkar Prints & Publishing Company during of an interview on IWD she said, Nobody will give it to you, you have to take it!”

It means we need to keep striving until we get to the top putting out other voices that may want to stop us.

The need to be diligent in your work and dealings. This will leave the people with no option than to give you your rightful place.

There’s need for women to acquire relevant skills and qualifications to compete favorably with the male counterpart as so break the bias of gender inequality.

Let’s keep breaking the bias.


Written by Amarachi Eke